Your Warrior Cat Life 5!

Greetings! Welcome back to Your Warrior Cat Life 5! Honeypelt is back as a queen this time, but still the deputy of LakeClan! She is almost due to give birth to Lightstar's kittens!

Honeypelt has adopted the dead queen, Willowbark's, last surviving daughter, Willowkit, after the queen died during her kitting, along with her four other kits. Also, Honeypelt better be ready to lead!

Created by: Echosong

  1. The tiny, fragile she kit curls in your belly, mewling sadly. You have named her Willowkit; named after her late mother, Willowbark, who died during kitting, along with her four other kits. The she kit is very pale grey, just like her mother. Her father, Stormcloud, a dark grey tabby tom, visits daily, bringing you food and water. You are very close to your own kitting, close enough to start producing milk for Willowkit.
  2. Nightsky has had her kits, two toms: Midnightkit and Shadowkit. They are healthy and sleeping peaceful when one night, you feel terrible cramps in your belly and know that your kits are coming. Nightsky leaps up, yowls for Cherrynose and takes Willowkit away from your belly. The grey kit mews until the black cat nudges her towards her milk. You shriek in agony. Cherrynose, the red-furred, calm medicine cat, arrives with her apprentice, Lightpaw, your sister's son.
  3. The medicine cat purrs gently and places her paws on your belly. A tiny kit slides out, which Cherrynose passes to Lightpaw to lick. Another kit is born, followed by the last. You sweep the small bodies towards you with your tail and begin licking them earnestly. You wonder where Lightstar, your mate, is. He should have been here by now. The medicine cats and Nightsky purr at you, delighting in the tiny bodies lying in the curve of your ginger and golden patched belly.
  4. The tom kit is ginger, like you, and the two she kits are golden and yellow. You name the tom Emberkit, the golden kit Morningkit and the other one Sunkit. Still, Lightstar does not come. Willowkit goes back into the curve of your belly with your kits, but still your mate does not come.
  5. Another bright, warm new leaf day dawns, and the leader still has not made an appearance. You are peering drowsily out of the nursery when a warrior drags the body of a cat into the clearing. Its fur is yellowish and pale gold, and its ears and paws are tipped with white. It's Lightstar, your mate!
  6. You charge out of the nursery, dislodging your kits with mewls of protest. You collapse by the dead leader's body, your brain whirring. "No! He can't be dead! No! NO!" you sob. Lightstar has deep puncture wounds down his flanks and slashes on his muzzle. He reeks of dog.
  7. Silverfern runs over to you. "Oh, Honeypelt, we don't know what happened. He wanted to go out on his own to find you a salmon because he knew that you were due to have your kits. That's when the dog attacked." You narrow your eyes. "Why didn't you help him?" you snarl.Your sister shakes her head. "By the time we got to him, it was too late. At least he killed the dog." she whispers.
  8. Cherrynose hurries over to you. "Honeypelt, I know your grieving, but the Clan needs a leader, and you are the deputy. Will you make the journey tonight?" You shake your head. "I need another day. I promise I'll make the journey tomorrow."
  9. As you fall into a deep sleep that night, the StarClan warriors come to you. Cherrynose is there, looking bewildered. Hundreds of starry warriors surround you, their eyes full of moonlight. A white she cat steps forwards. "Willowbark!" you gasp. The beautiful cat nods. "Hello, Honeypelt. Thank you for looking after my daughter." She purrs. "I give you this life for courage to face challenges within your Clan." Willowbark rests her head on yours, and a jolt of pain shoots through you. She steps back, purring.
  10. A small grey tom bounces forwards. "Sleetpaw? My brother?" you whisper. It's your brother who died as an apprentice. "Hi, sister. I give you a life for strength to lead a Clan," He returns to the rank of warriors. A ginger tom replaces him. "Hello Honeypelt," he meows. It's Swiftrunner! "I give you a life for love, to love your Clan fiercely."
  11. An elder, Sweetpea, gives you a life for kindness towards cats who can't fend for themselves and an old medicine cat, Berryflower, Cherrynose's mentor, gives you a life for understanding and sympathy. A small kit bounds in front of you. "I am Rubykit, Willowkit's sister! I give you a life for love towards all kittens!" She bounces back to her mother, Willowbark.
  12. The seventh and eighth lives come from your mother and father, Amberfur and Cloudnose. They give you lives for patience and the ability to make clear judgements. Your last life comes from Lightstar, your dear, beloved mate. He rests his chin on your head. "My beautiful, brave Honeypelt. I wish I could be there to watch our children grow up, but alas, I cannot. So I give you a life for the strength and bravery to raise our kittens by yourself. Good bye, my love. I will always be with you, remember that," He purrs. "Honeystar! Honeystar! Honeystar!" he yowls, along with the other StarClan cats.
  13. Your blink open your eyes and discover that it is morning. Morningkit, Emberkit, Sunkit and Willowkit are curled next to you, their tiny squeaks making you feel happy. You gently dislodge them and walk out of the nursery to find Cherrynose. She emerges from her den with a purr of greeting. "Well, that was wonderful, last night! Welcome, Honeystar!" she meows.
  14. You leap up onto the High Rock and call a Clan meeting. "StarClan visited me in my dreams last night and have given me my lives and name!" You announce. The Clan cheers. "And now, I must name a new deputy! The deputy of LakeClan is... SILVERMOON!" you yowl. The young warrior looks shocked. Her apprentice, Hollypaw, squeals with delight at being the deputy's apprentice.
  15. You move your kits and Willowkit up to the nest in the leader's den and lie down next to them. Willowkit has pale blue eyes and all of your kittens have bright green eyes. You feel a sense of calm and determination, feeling Lightstar's gift sweep through you.

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