A Day in the Life of a Warrior Cat 2

Welcome back! In this quiz, you are under attack by a rival Clan and have a desperate struggle to save Berry Nose and her kittens. Continue the life of Crystal Paw!

Your brother is healing and Berry Nose’s kittens are growing. You are getting closer and closer to becoming a warrior, but you must prove yourself to your father, Silver Star.

Created by: Echosong

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  1. You are sitting by your brother, River Paw’s, side in the medicine cat’s den.
  2. Lion Claw, your mentor, pokes his head into the medicine cat’s den. “Come on, Crystal Paw, we have to hunt!” He meows.
  3. Lion Claw takes you hunting and you catch a thrush, a mouse and a rabbit.
  4. River Paw is delighted with the thrush and the elders thank you for the mouse. You take the rabbit to Berry Nose, the queen whose kittens you helped name.
  5. Berry Nose is pleased with the rabbit and invites you into the nursery to see your kitten.
  6. (Your kitten’s name here) looks up at you and mews.
  7. When you wake up three days later in your nest, you see your brother walking around!
  8. “Yes,” meows your brother. “I’m back to duties!”
  9. Suddenly, your father, Silver Star, runs into the clearing. “ Marsh Clan is attacking! I want Moon Fur, Goose Foot, Hare Spring, Jay Night, River Paw and Summer Paw to stay in camp. Everyone else, come with me!”
  10. You run to the border with your father. Marsh Clan warriors are everywhere! What do you do?
  11. Marsh Clan cats and Reed Clan cats whirl around, biting and clawing.
  12. The leader of Marsh Clan yowls at four of his cats to go to your camp! Silver Star tells you, Diamond Paw and Lightning Paw to return to camp.
  13. At camp, you beat the Marsh Clan warriors and warn your mother, Moon Fur, of the attack.
  14. You see a huge Marsh Clan cat run towards the nursery!
  15. You leap onto his back and claw him, putting everything in to the fight. The Marsh Clan warrior screeched an ran away, but another to cat pushed you to the ground and claws your body. He hurls you into a rock. Everything goes black...

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