The Life of a Warrior Cat Part 7

Hello and welcome back! Frostcrystal's former mentor, Mistycloud, is expecting Stonewing's kits and moved into the nursery the day Frostcrystal became a warrior.

Two moons have passed since you became a warrior, and it is extremely close to the time Mistycloud is due to give birth to her very first litter of kits!

Created by: Lilystem
  1. You wake up before dawn when the warriors' den in still dark. Smokestripe had assigned you to the morning's dawn and dusk patrol the night before, so you decided to wake up earlier in order to give yourself a thorough wash.
  2. The rest of the patrol wakes up at dawn and you head out of camp to reset the boundary markers. In your patrol there is: Emberflower, Honeyleaf and Stonewing. After the markers have been set, you go back to camp for something to eat. Lionstrike is waiting by the fresh-kill pile for you, a fish dangling from his jaws. His green eyes light up as he sees you walking into camp with the rest of your patrol.
  3. "Morning, Frostcrystal!" he meows, passing you the fish and settling down beside you on the warm, dusty earth. "How was the dawn patrol?" you take a bite of the fish before answering. "It was great. No signs of StormClan activity over our border." you reported, twining your thick, feathery white tail with his.
  4. Lionstrike looks pleased. "At least they know that we won't tolerate anything from them, it seems," he meows, flicking a fly off his ear. "Do you have any other patrols today?" "I'm on the dusk patrol, but other than that I'm free all day," you answer.
  5. Suddenly, there is a yowl from across the clearing. It's Mistycloud! Stonewing runs to her side and gasps. "It's the kits! They're coming! Where's Honeydew?" Honeydew, the medicine cat, is far away from camp. You find yourself running to your former mentor's side. "Breathe, Mistycloud. Stonewing, get a sturdy stick." you meow to the frantic grey tom. Even though you have never had medicine cat training, you instinctively know what to do.
  6. Mistycloud grits her teeth as Stonewing hurries back with the stick. "Alright, hold this between your teeth, Mistycloud. Bite on it when the pains come." you meow calmly. The stick cracks, and a tiny, newborn white kits slides out. Stonewing picks it up and starts licking it. "You've got," you exclaim, "a daughter! Keep going, you're doing great!" another kit slides out, followed by the last, smallest kit. "Two she-cats and a tom! Congratulations!" you purr. The exhausted Mistycloud gently licks her kits while her mate, Stonewing, curls beside her.
  7. Lionstrike walks beside you as you head back to the warriors' den for a nap. "Frostcrystal, how did you know what to do? You've never had any medicine cat training before!" he exclaims. You let out an exhausted purr."Oh, Lionstrike, I just instinctively knew what to do. I'm going to rest." He follows you into the warriors' den and lays down beside you. He starts grooming your fur as you drift off to sleep.
  8. "Frostcrystal! Frostcrystal! Wake up, Frostcrystal!" you hear your name being called through the dark fog of sleep and open your eyes. Lionstrike is standing above you, eyes wide. "What? What is it?" you mumble, Lionstrike's golden fur is standing on end. "We're being attacked by AirClan and StormClan!" he yowls.
  9. Lionstrike boosts you to your paws and you run into the clearing together. The clearing is full of screeching, wrestling cats. Lionstrike plunges into battle, yowling. You spring over the back of a StormClan cat and land squarely on the back of an AirClan she-cat. She crumples beneath you, and you spring onto another AirClan cat. He yowls as he is driven into the ground. You slice his ear, then move on, springing and slicing.
  10. Suddenly, Mistycloud lets out a panic-filled scream. You bounce off the cat you were just battling and sprint over to the nursery. A huge white tom with his bloodstained teeth bared lunges towards the frightened queen. She screams again, huddling her kits behind her. You launch yourself onto the back of the white tom just as he lunges for one of the she-kits. He hisses and tries vainly to flick you off, but you dig your sharp claws into his shoulders and hang on. "Frostcrystal! Hang on!" you hear a yowl from across the clearing and see Ashsnow barging through the crowd of cats. You leap off the tom's back and crouch on the ground, waiting for him to come closer. He runs towards you and you dart underneath him, pushing upwards and flinging him through the air. When he lands, Ashsnow is waiting, claws flying. The white tom shrieks and flees into the forest.

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