The Life of a Warrior Cat Part 4

Hello and welcome back! Frostpaw has finished her first day as an apprentice and loves her duties. She is also an amazing hunter and her mentor, Mistycloud, is very proud of her.

What will Frostpaw now? She, as stated above, thoroughly enjoys her apprentice jobs and loves showing the cats of WaterClan her amazing hunting skills!

Created by: Lilystem
  1. Three moons have passed since you gathered moss with Ashpaw. It's dawn and Mistycloud has requested that you join her on the dawn patrol.
  2. In your patrol there is you, Mistycloud, Lionpaw and his mentor, Sunpelt. You and Lionpaw run side by side through the forest to the first boundary marker. "Alright! Frostpaw, how about you set this marker? Lionpaw, go along to that one on the tree there!" calls Mistycloud.
  3. After the dawn patrol, you are allowed to get back to your nest and sleep, then come back out at sunhigh for battle training.
  4. "Frostpaw, how about you try that new move I taught you on Ashpaw?" Mistycloud suggests. You are in the training hollow with Ashpaw, Lionpaw, Emberpaw and Honeypaw. You nod and crouch down, ready for Ashpaw to attack.
  5. Ashpaw charges at you and you wait until he is close by, then dive underneath him and flip him over onto his back and place a paw on his chest. "I think I win, Ashpaw!' you purr. He purrs back and climbs to his paws, shaking out his pelt. "Excellent work, Frostpaw! Now Ashpaw, when you ran at Frostpaw, you weren't expecting her to dive under you, were you?" Mistycloud asks.
  6. "No, I definitely wasn't expecting her to dive underneath me," Ashpaw admits. "Ok, so what can you do to make sure that you aren't taken by surprise?" Mistycloud asks. "I could jump over her," says Ashpaw thoughtfully.Mistycloud nods. "Excellent! How about you try it again, then?"
  7. Your brother charges at you again, and you crouch, ready to dive under him when he leaps over you, out of range. You leap to your paws and dodge a strike from him, then dance away. He runs after you and rears up on his hind legs. You launch yourself forwards, hitting him straight in the belly. Ashpaw falls to the ground with a grunt.
  8. Mistycloud leaps down from the tree stump she was watching from and pads over to Ashpaw. "He's fine, just winded." she announces. Ashpaw climbs unsteadily to his feet, huffing. "That was great, Frostpaw!" he pants. "Can you show me how you did that?"
  9. Another moon passes. You have just passed your assessment and are about to be made a warrior! Volestar's voice echoes in the camp as he calls the Clan together. "Ashpaw and Frostpaw, step forwards. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?" he meows. "I do!" Ashpaw yowls.
  10. "Then I give you the name Ashsnow in memory of your mother. Frostpaw, I give you the name Frostcrystal, also in memory of your mother." Volestar murmurs.

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