The Life of a Warrior Cat Part 3

Hello and welcome back! Frostkit is gone and Frostpaw is here instead! (Yes okay it took two quizzes to become an apprentice which I guess you could consider a long time).

Frostpaw's mentor is Mistycloud, a white she-cat with blue eyes. Ashpaw's mentor is Stonewing, a dark grey tabby tom with blue eyes; Mistycloud's mate.

Created by: Lilystem
  1. Mistycloud touches your flank with her tail. "Follow me. We're going down to the river to practice hunting," she meows.
  2. The river flows ahead of you. Mistycloud stops and beckons you closer with her tail. "Now, watch this, Frostpaw. You dip your paw in like this," she plunged her paw into the cold water, "and hook out a fish like this." she purred, hooking a small, plump silvery fish with her claws. "Now you try."
  3. You dip your paw in and wait until a fish swims past, then you hook it with your claws and drag it up from the water. It's a large, fat fish which will definitely feed a Clanmate or two.
  4. Mistycloud purrs with delight. "Wow Frostpaw! You're amazing! I think we can make a fine little hunter out of you!" then she tips her head at you. "Shall we take the fish back to camp?" you nod and start walking, the fish grasped in your jaws.
  5. Smokestripe sees you walking in with the fish. "Frostpaw? Did you catch that? By yourself?" he meows. Mistycloud nods. "Oh yes, she's an amazing hunter!" then she turns to you. "You can take it to the elders. They'd certainly appreciate something like that."
  6. There are two elders in WaterClan: Owltail, a brown tabby tom, and Flowerpelt, a tortoiseshell she-cat. They eye the fish eagerly as you place it down next to them. "Did you catch that, Frostpaw?" asks Owltail, using his claws to spilt the fish into pieces. You nod. "Well done! Would you like to share it with us, then? It's your prey!" Flowerpelt purrs. You nod again."Thanks, Flowerpelt!"
  7. "Oh, and after you've finished eating, would you mind removing a tick from my shoulder, Frostpaw?" asks Owltail politely. "Sure, Owltail," you respond, gulping down the last of your meal. "I'll just go get some mouse bile,"
  8. After you finish grooming Owltail's fur, you pad back out into the light. Mistycloud is sharing tongues with Stonewing, which means Ashpaw is back in camp. You see him rustling around in the apprentice's den and run over to join him. "Hey, Ashpaw," you meow.
  9. Ashpaw looks up and sees you peering into the den. "Oh, hi Frostpaw. Can you help me gather moss for our new nests? We get to sleep in the apprentices' den tonight!" he purrs, eyes bright. "Yeah," you purr, "we're apprentices now! Let's go!"
  10. You come back with the moss to find the three other apprentices sitting by the den. Lionpaw, a golden-furred tabby tom, jumps to his paws as you walk past with the moss. "Hi! It's Frostpaw, right?" he mews. You nod around the pile of moss you are carrying. "I'm Lionpaw, the ginger cat over there is my sister Emberpaw and the brown tabby is my other sister Honeypaw,"
  11. It's night and you are tucked up in your cosy nest between Ashpaw and Lionpaw. What do you dream about?

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