The Life of a Warrior Cat Part 2

Hello and welcome back to The Life of a Warrior Cat. Ready to join Frostkit as the battle rages ahead of her? Can she survive this battle? It's up to you!

Frostkit and Ashkit are hiding in a pile of leaves after their mother, Snowcrystal, bounds off to join the battle between WaterClan and StormClan. What will they do next?

Created by: Lilystem
  1. You burrow back into the leaves with Ashkit at your side. The leaf litter covers your soft white fur and gets in your eyes. You crouch in the pile and feel a wave of dread. Your mother has left you to fight in the battle.
  2. Ashkit nudges you. "Frostkit, why are we here? Why can't we go back with Snowcrystal?" You freeze."You want to go back?" you ask him. He nods. "Then let's go. We need to find Snowcrystal!"
  3. You creep into the nursery and are shocked to she a white cat lying there, covered in blood. A pale grey tabby tom crouches beside her.
  4. Smokestripe lifts his head. "She's dead. She ran back here to try and help and was killed." he wails. "Snowcrystal, why didn't you stay in the forest? Now you have to pay for it with your life!"
  5. The vigil for Snowcrystal is held that night. You, Ashkit and Smokestripe huddle around the fallen queen, surrounded with grief. The Clan mourns with you, despairing at the loss of their only queen.
  6. Smokestripe nudges you awake. It is dawn and the vigil for Snowcrystal is over. Your mother's body is cold and stiff, covered in a fine layer of dew. You and Ashkit huddle together as the elders lift her lifeless body and carry her away.
  7. A moon passes. You are six moons old and it is time for your apprentice ceremony. The Clan leader, Volestar, leaps onto the fallen tree trunk and gathers the Clan together. "WaterClan! Let all cats old enough to swim gather for a meeting!" he yowls.
  8. "Ashkit," calls Volestar, "step forwards. Ashkit, from this day on you shall be known as Ashpaw. Stonewing," he nods at a dark grey tom, "will be your mentor. Share with Ashpaw your hunting and fighting skills."
  9. "Frostkit, step forwards." you step forward nervously, "From this day on you shall be known as Frostpaw. Mistycloud," Volestar gazes at a white she-cat, "you will be her mentor. Share with Frostpaw your swiftness and hunting skills."
  10. Mistycloud flicks you with her tail, her blue eyes sparkling. "Let's go explore our territory, eh Frostpaw? We might even be able to do some hunting on the way back!" she purrs. You are filled with happiness. Together you race out of the camp and into the forest.

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