The Life of a Warrior Cat Part 1

Hello and welcome to this Warrior Cat Quiz. In this story, you become Frostkit, a white she-kit with green eyes. Frostkit is very intelligent and pretty.

Her mother is a white she-cat with green eyes named Snowcrystal and your father is a pale grey tabby tom with blue eyes named Smokestripe. He is the deputy of WaterClan. You have a brother, Ashkit, a pale grey tabby tom with blue eyes.

Created by: Lilystem

  1. Snowcrystal, your mother, gently noses you to your paws. "It's time for you to wake up, Frostkit."
  2. "Why do I have to be awake so early?" you ask."We're being invaded by StormClan," she whispers in response, busily nudging your brother, Ashkit, awake. He mewled miserably but stumbled to his paws. "Now, kits, follow me. Your father knows a secret hiding spot for us," Snowcrystal murmurs.
  3. You and Ashkit follow your mother out of the back entrance to the nursery and see your father, Smokestripe, waiting. His pale grey tabby fur is bristling and his eyes are wide. "Come quickly and stay quiet." He starts running out of a small, unnoticeable hole in the camp wall.
  4. Smokestripe quickly touches his muzzle to Snowcrystal, then leaned down to touch noses with you and Ashkit. "Stay with your mother. I'll be back soon." He purrs briefly, then turns and sprinted back towards the battle.
  5. Snowcrystal curls her fluffy white tail around you and Ashkit and burrows into a mound of leaves. Ashkit sneezes as a leaf brushed past his nose. "Ssh, Ashkit. We have to be totally silent." she whispers.
  6. The yowls of battle can be heard in the distance. Suddenly, a ginger blur appears from behind a tree. It's a StormClan tom! He is followed by three more cats. Snowcrystal freezes, and you and Ashkit do the same.
  7. The tom in the lead pauses. "Can you smell that?" he asks his Clanmates. They nod. "Smells like a queen and her kits," one hisses.
  8. Another cat, a small brown tabby she-cat, pads towards the leader. "Some poor queen is probably hiding with her kits. She won't hurt us as long as we leave her alone." she turns towards the pile of leaves. "Poor thing, let's go."
  9. The ginger tom shrugged. "Alright. Let's keep going," they sprint towards he camp.
  10. Snowcrystal gently pushes her way out of the leaves. You and Ashkit tumble out in front of her. "Oh, my precious kits, stay here. Hide in the leaves. Don't get spotted." she turns to leave, but you pounce on her tail. "Stop! Smokestripe said to stay with us!" you squeak. She turns back to you. "I can't let invaders kill my Clan while I hide like a coward," and she runs into the camp.

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