Warrior cats fanfic

So, this is about two kits named Featherkit and Swiftkit, and like many warrior cat fanfictions, they grow up. And of course, romance, drama, bla bla bla.

So, this is about two kits named Featherkit and Swiftkit, and like many warrior cat fanfictions, they grow up. And of course, romance, drama, bla bla bla.

Created by: Scourgelover

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  1. Featherkit woke up, and was surprised to see light instead of darkness. "I can see!" she squeaked. "Swiftkit, I can see!" Swiftkit, Featherkit's older sister with white fur and silver markings, giggled with her. "Mama! We can see!" Featherkit's blue eyes sparkled, lighting up her silver tabby fur. "Mama, can we go out and explore?" Featherkit asked. "Of course," Amberlily, their mother, meowed. "But dont go into any other den except Willowmist's den." Willowmist was the medicine cat. "Thanks, Mama!" mewed Swiftkit.
  2. Amberlily watched her kits go. Kits will be kits. Meanwhile, Swiftkit pushed Featherkit as they were walking. Featherkit shot her a dirty look and pushed her back. Soon, they began a play fight. Featherkit tried to pin down Swiftkit, but ended up getting pinned down herself. Featherkit giggled. Runningstar, their father, pawed Swiftkit softly on the side. Swiftkit looked up and saw Runningstar gazing down on her warmly. "Heh..." "Hey, Runningstar!" Featherkit called. "Can we ride on your back?" Runningstar bent down and said, "Maybe a little. Hold tight!" Swifkit unsheathed her tiny claws to grab on his back. Featherkit's front claws were outstretched, hind paws scrabbling for a hold. "Here," meowed Swiftkit, grabbing her sister by the scruff. Panting, Featherkit gave a grateful nod.
  3. Runningstar padded to his den. Swiftkit's hind paws lost their hold and she slid down to Runningstar's tail. Fortunately, Swiftkit caught hold of his tail. "I'm okay!" she yowled. Featherkit pulled herself towards Swiftkit. She tried to haul her sister up. Swiftkit stretched out her paw, reaching for a grab. As Featherkit tried pulling Swiftkit up, Swiftkit hit Runningstar's back hard, and Runningstar stopped so suddenly that Featherkit fell off. Featherkit wailed, trying to get to her paws. Runningstar nudged Featherkit gently. "Are you okay?" asked Swiftkit. Runningstar took her by the scruff and carried her to Willowmist's den.
  4. Willowmist squeezed some dock juice in Featherkit's scratches. Her young, pretty tortoiseshell appearance calmed her down. She squeaked as a little juice came in her scratches. "It hurts," she whimpered. "It's okay," said Willowmist. "It may hurt, but it helps, I promise." (btw sorry this was short I was drinking yogurt while typing XD)
  5. Swiftkit leaned in to get a better look of her sister. "You should go back to Amberlily," Willowmist advised. "I don't want you to get hurt like your sister." Swiftkit walked back to Amberlily with her tail between her legs. She lay in her nest, thinking it she would ever be leader. She might be, and if she did, she would appoint Featherkit as deputy, and they would be best friends, side by side, protecting each other. Swiftkit tried pushing the thought of Featherkit being medicine cat away, but it stayed.
  6. Swiftkit drifted off to sleep. She had a nightmare that Featherkit was a medicine cat, mixing herbs and giving them to a patient. Her name was Feathersoul, and she knew because of the cat that stood of the entrance, calling, "Feathersoul!". The vision of Featherkit as a medicine cat disappeared, but in replacement, was a golden-brown tabby tom lying on the ground, motionless. Blood was surrounding him, and a few cats called out, "Swiftstar! Swiftstar!" faintly. Swiftkit's dream ended in an image of darkness. Was this dream from StarClan? If it was, Swiftkit didn't care. If being a medicine cat was StarClan's wish for Featherkit, she won't care. It was StarClan's destiny for her, after all.
  7. Featherkit winced as dock juice hit her scratch. "Sorry," Willowmist apologized. Featherkit nodded to forgive her. "Willowmist," she mewed quietly. "Ca-can me and Swiftkit just go explore... A bit more?" Willowmist sighed. "Fine," she meowed. "Don't get in any more trouble." Featherkit crept out the medicine cat den, wanting to surprise Swiftkit. She pounced on her, laughing. "We can go exploring again!" she yelled. Swiftkit squealed.
  8. Willowmist watched as Swiftkit and Featherkit bounded out the nursery. "Don't get into any more trouble," she muttered again. Swiftkit flicked her tail at a den. "Let's go in there! That looks fun to explore," she squeaked, heading into the thick bushes. A yawn made Featherkit jump. "Scaredy-mouse," snickered Swiftkit. "Hey!" Featherkit yowled. "Who's there?" asked a voice. Swiftkit stopped and shivered. Featherkit froze. Out stepped...
  9. A cat, looking very annoyed when being disturbed from his sleep. When he noticed they were just kits, he softened up. "It's okay. I'm Shadowpaw. What are your names, again? You're Amberlily's kits, I know, but I forgot your names." "I'm Swiftkit, and this is Featherkit," Swiftkit meowed clearly. "Hi, Shadowpaw," Featherkit mewed shyly. "Are you an apprentice?" Shadowpaw nodded. "My mentor's Timberclaw. He's really nice and patient. And did you know I'm getting my warrior name in one moon?" "Wow!" Featherkit exclaimed. "What do you want it to be?" Shadowpaw thought a bit. "Maybe Shadowmoon," he said at last. "No, 'moon' is forbidden. Maybe Shadowstripe? Or Shadowclaw? Hmm... Oh, I know! I want it to be Shadownight. Sounds good, huh?" Swiftkit nodded. "I want my warrior name to be Swiftwing!" "I want mine to be Featherbird!" Featherkit added. "Now enough chit-chat with me. I need to go on a hunting patrol. Bye!" Shadowpaw meowed. The sisters went out the apprentice's den, and set off to what they thought was the 'elder's den'.
  10. "Oh yes, there's a tick over there." "Oh, a tick here, oh, a tick there, oh, tick tick tick," Swiftkit mimicked. Featherkit pounced on a very light grey elderly she-cat with one black ear. "Didn't see ya there, kit," she chuckled. "I'm Blackear." Featherkit giggled, not afraid because of her visit to Shadowpaw. "Hi Blackear," Swiftkit greeted. "Is this the elder's den?" A thick-furred tabby looked up. "Kits these days, always asking questions," he grumbled. "Dustfur," Blackear shot him a glare. Dustfur gave her a dirty look, but didn't protest. "Yes, this is the elder's den," Blackear replied sweetly. "And about Dustfur, take no notice of him."

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