Warrior Cats Quiz

There are many people who read the warrior cat books, but not everybody can remember everything. Very few people have memorized one of the books, let alone the whole series!

Do YOU know everything about warrior cats? Do you have the long-term memory to help you with this? Until now, you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Celia of this site
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  1. What are the two first words in "Fire and Ice" the second book?
  2. What Clan did Tawnypaw join after being in ThunderClan?
  3. Which Clan is the closest to the moonstone/pool? (it's the same clan for both)
  4. Which Clan was thrown out by ShadowClan in "Warriors: Fire And Ice"?
  5. Which two Clans made TigerClan?
  6. In "Warriors: The Darkest Hour" what was the group of cats that attacked the four Clans called?
  7. What is the heaven of the four warrior Clans called?
  8. Who was one of the greatest leaders in the history of warriors?
  9. Who was Bramblepaw's mentor?
  10. Who was Graystripe's first mate, and what Clan was she in?
  11. How many apprentices has Firestar had, and what are their names?
  12. Who is Cloudpaw's foster mother, and who is Cloudpaw's real mother?

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