how much do you know about warrior cats?

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Do you know as much warrior cats as me? Only one way to find out! Do you need to read them over again, or are you all kept up on the books plz take this quiz!

Do you have what it takes to be the ultument warriors fan? Come on don't be shy. Take the quiz. You know you want to.... come on. It doesn't cost anything.

Created by: warriorcats1022

  1. Who is the author of warriors?
  2. In warriors: into the wild, who battled long tail?
  3. In warriors into the wild, who does tiger claw claim to have killed red tail?
  4. In which book dose pine star join fire paws father?
  5. In book two, who dose gray stripe fall in love with?
  6. How do fire paw and gray stripe become warriors?
  7. Who were fire paws mentors?
  8. Who killed spotted leaf?
  9. Who really killed red tail?
  10. What is blue stars prohacy?
  11. Did you like?
  12. Will you comment and rate?
  13. Will you take number two?
  14. Bye. Bye. Meow

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about warrior cats?