How well do u know warrior cats

Are you a true warrior cats fan?, find out!!! Questions based along all warriors books including the bonus books and the super editions for warrior cats.

SPOILER ALERT: Answers come from a lot of different books, even super editions and bonus books from the warriors series and you may not have read some of the books from which the questions came from.

Created by: MintStar

  1. How often is a "moon"
  2. What is firestars kittypet name
  3. How old was firestar when he joined thunderclan
  4. What is firestars sisters name
  5. Who is firestar s best friend
  6. Does raven paw get a warrior name
  7. Who is the first clan cat firestar has ever seen
  8. How did Graystripe think firestar fought
  9. In what book did Graystripe call in love with Silverstream
  10. Why did bluestar invite firestar to join thunderclan
  11. Who was trained by the dark forest
  12. What dark forest cat talked to tigerstar
  13. What clan leader was trained by a dark forest cat
  14. What leader left the clan to be a kittypet
  15. What clan leader left the clan to get revenge on rogues
  16. What two cats left to become rogues
  17. What cat does not believe in starclan
  18. What clan is rumored to have the North wind darken there hearts
  19. What med cat trained as a normal apprentice before becoming med apprentice (never became warrior)
  20. Where did Raven paw die

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