The Clan Cats Quiz

Have you ever heard of the warrior cats? Well now you can try your best and see if you can get 100%. If you do you are an expert. Even if you don't know anything about warrior cats you can try and see how good you are.

Warrior cats are groups of cats that make a clan. Clans can a lot of cats or very few cats. Clan cats protect and feed the other members of the clan.

Created by: Audri

  1. What color was Firestar?
  2. Was Leopardstar a tom or she cat?
  3. Which series did Firestar die?
  4. How old do the cats have to be to become an apprentice?
  5. How many clans are there?
  6. Which clan lives under pine trees.
  7. Who was Firestar's sibling?
  8. who was Tawnyspot's brother?
  9. Who is Princess's kit?
  10. what name did Bluestar give Brightface when she was attacked by dogs?

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