Warriors Love Story 1

Deep in the heart of the forest, a clan of cats dwell. They are Blzaeclan, fierce and loyal cats. Their only rival is Floodclan, a clan of dark, mysterious cats.

You are Berrypaw, a new apprentice of Blazeclan. As you live through the adventures of a clan cat, you must choose: Playful Riverpaw, serious Stonepaw, or kind Tigerpaw?

Created by: Chaiki
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  1. "From this day on you will be known as Berrypaw. Your mentor will be Koitail." Thornstar says, wrapping her light brown tabby tail around her paws. You glow with pride and look over to Koitail. The calico she cat smiles at you as you touch noses."Berrypaw! Berrypaw!" The clan chants.
  2. You look to the side at the other new apprentices. Playful Riverpaw and serious Stonepaw are to your right. To your left are your two best friends in all of Blazeclan: Tigerpaw and Rosepaw. Tigerpaw winks at you and grins, his bright green eyes lighting up. Rosepaw smiles at you as well, her long ginger fur unkept as usual.
  3. After the silent vigil, the five of you move to the apprentice's den. You decide to make your nest next to...
  4. You quickly make your nest and head out into camp. Koitail is waiting for you. She stands up and smiles. "Ready to go hunting? We can bring someone along if you'd like." You nod, and ask Rosepaw, but she declines. "Sorry, Cedarstripe wants me go to battle training." Who do ask to come with you?
  5. (If you asked Riverpaw, read this. If not, skip.) Riverpaw quickly agrees, and he and his mentor, Whitefur, follow you and Koitail into the woods. "Whitefur and I will go this way," The calico tells you. "Berrypaw, take Riverpaw and follow the border. Meet back here soon." What do you do?
  6. (Read this if you asked Stonepaw.) The mottled tom agrees, and he and his mentor, Smokepelt, follow you and Koitail into the woods. "We'll go this way." Koitail says, gesturing to Smokepelt. "You and Stonepaw go the other way. Meet back at camp when you're finished." What do you do?
  7. (Read this if you asked Tigerpaw) The dark brown tabby quickly agrees and he and his mentor, Mossnose, follow you and Koitail into the woods. "We'll go this way, and you two go that way. Meet back at camp when you're finished." You look at Tigerpaw and smile. The two of you made a great team play-fighting as kits, so why should hunting be any different?
  8. The two of you soon have a small pile of prey. You turn to head back to camp when an orange streak comes straight towards you. You fall to the ground, hearing a concerned cry. "Berrypaw!" You try to stand but wince and fall. Your front paw is hurt. The orange streak stands above you. It's a large tabby tom, with gleaming yellow eyes. Behind him are two other cats, both about the same age as you. One is a light brown she cat, and the other is a white tom. The orange cat hisses at you. "What are you doing, hunting in our territory?" His claws are unsheathed, and he raises a paw...
  9. Suddenly your hunting partner tackles him to the ground. The orange tom hissed again, jumping back. "Calm down, Hawk." The she-cat said. He glared at her. "Be quiet, Hazel!" The white tom steps in. "Hawk, stop it!" They glare at each other, but Hawk backs down eventually. "Fine." He growls, stepping back. The white tom turns to you with a small nod. "I'm sorry about Hawk. My name is Bane, and that's Hazel. We're loners, and we live here." You step back. "I'm sorry, then. We'll go." You stand up with the help of your fellow apprentice, and the two of you limp back to camp.
  10. Thanks for taking Part 1! Please rate and comment, and keep an eye out for Part 2!

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