Warriors: short LOVE story!

There are many awesomness love stories but is this the one now i know i have other series but wat eva this one is awesomness more awesomness shazam!!!

Are you in love look at this story to find out SHAZZZZAM anyway take the quiz its awesomness You aint in no love i just kinda put random things didnt fell like doing nothing else please comment on the quiz!! robinfeather

Created by: jayfeather101

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  1. Every question is like a mini chapter lets say at the top it says dovewing P.O.V that means were on what she is thinks
  2. Robinfeather P.O.V. Robinfeather new she couldnt forgive liontail (from shadowclan) he used her and he was from another clan. There was no hope they would be together.
  3. "Thunderclan is doing well and prey is running" Sunstar reported to the cats at the gathering "then the gathering has ended meowed stormstar (riverclan) cats started seperating to share toungs so robinfeather walked over to her sister rosepetal.........she had already seen liontail and he has seen her
  4. Suddenly she was whisked away into the bushes "We need to talk" meowed liontail "we have nothing to talk about!" Then she ran away hoping he would not follow "Hey robinwong i have been looking for you"said blackstripe "oh well i was just talking to some dumb shadow clan cat"
  5. Blackstripe had been alittle overfriendly these past moons i hope he is like that to everyone pluse lionyail was the only one she could love on the wAy to the camp blackstripe pulled you away "ok i was just hoping that you thought of us as more than friends" he said "well yea-" but then he cut you off
  6. "Great i was hoping now lets get back to camp" you meant to say well yea but just good friends nothing more when you got to camp you told rosepetal what happend she just lauphed "i hope you to are a happy couple" she said so you wacked her with your paw "its not funny" you wailled "whats liontail gonna-" then she said "i thought you were over him" "well um i going to sleep"
  7. Oakfur P.O.V Oakfur lead his patrol down to the border All of a sudden a mouse scrabled accross the border and a shadowclan cat appletail leaped across the border caught it and scrambled back to her side
  8. "Hey thats thunderclan prey" mintclaw called "no its not!" He retorted "whats going on?" Oakfursaid as 2 more shadowclan cats scrambled out into the open "this mouse was caught and killed on thunderclan land!" Then a fight started he heard liontail flee from battle then relized the only person he could have attacked was robinfeather
  9. Robinfeather P.O.V. " are you all right i heard you got in a border fight!" Blackstripe said " yes i am fine they fleed before i could fight" blackstripe was really getting on her last nervs she was going back to the warriors den when she was stopped by briarlight the medicine cat " congradulations on being mates with blackstipe you should move to the nursery now!" " I AM HAVING KITS?!"
  10. Haha o just decided i am stoping here and makind ANOTHER ONE!!! it will be out soon

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