♥ The Love Story ♥

This is a short kinda love quiz to see who you are compatible with. after this quiz i will (maybe) make another one with an actual story line (with the same characters)

So if you want a second quiz, make sure to rate well, and comment saying you want another!! :D Thanks everyone :) :D :) ;) :P .......

Created by: Sarinipity

  1. Tall with icy blue eyes that could crack the coldest of hearts. A crooked smile and dirty blonde hair pushed into a slight mohawk at the top. A personality any girl would die for.
  2. The shy cutie with a warm smile that could melt any girls heart. Not at all shy when you get to know him extremely kind and thoughtful. Blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair that sweeps to the side.
  3. Extreme Hottie with a 6 pack abs that is a total sweetie underneath the sexy body. Hazel eyes and light brown hair and a perfect smile.
  4. You are walking down the street on your way to pick up a few things from the store when a cute guys walks up to you. He starts to walk with you, and before you get too creeped out he says, "Hi I'm Jason. Are you new in town?" you reply, "No, but i moved from across town a few weeks ago so you probably haven't seen me around here much." You give a quick smile and brush away the invisible hair thats "in your face." He continues to walk beside you and asks where you are going, you say...
  5. New Scenario: You have just arrived at your new house and you are doing some gardening when a cute guy walks up and asks, "Need any help?" and kneels down and starts to dig a hole and plat a nice new patch of daises. You..
  6. New Scenario: You are in school and you are doing the assignment the teacher assigned you when all of a sudden a piece of paper hits you in the head. You turn around quickly with a frown upon your face and you see that its a cute guy and he's smiling at you. You say..
  7. There are 3 boys lined up who want to go out with you. You make them each say a sentence, or a phrase to see which one is best for you. You pick the one that says:
  8. Hot, Cute, or Shy?
  9. Are you:
  10. How old are you?
  11. If i dont get 5 comments to make another one (with an actual story, but with the same people..) I wont make one! So comment/rate if you like it! Feedback is always great. Even if you didnt like it please be kind and politely criticize this quiz! Thanks for taking it :D (this has no effect on your results.)

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