The Forbidden part 1

Well hey guys! I'm the creator of twisted unatural love story..uh...unatural love story and those. I came across this site again a few days ago and i was like hey, alot of people liked my quizzes.. so i decided to start again. Hope you guys love it!

I can't wait for you guys to see what i have in store so just keep following! You'll love it. Please comment and rate and all that stuff! -muzix4evrz123 out!

Created by: muzix4evrz123

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  1. First off, how do you want to look in this quiz?
  2. SO you wake up late on a chilly morning in the town of SkyWood(made it up just go with it.) You check the time. 7:45! You're late! Again. You jump up and get dressed. What do you wear?
  3. You walk downstairs, grab breakfast and run to school. By the time you reach you're panting. The bell rings. You run through the hallways, blinded by all the people. OOF! You run straight into someone. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" you exclaim, scrambling to pick up your books. You can't stop apologizing. You feel the person's hand stop yours, since you're so embarassed you can hardly pick up any books. You look up to see a guy :). He has straight jet black hair with warm, sparkling green eyes. He smiles an amazingly cute smile and hands you your books in one swift movement. Suddenly, you feel so calm, so relaxed. Weird, you think. "I'm Erik." he says. The bell rings again. "I'll uh, see you later." he says getting up and strolling away.
  4. You run to class, still dazed from your meet with Erik. You knock on the class door which is locked. Mr. Barn (WHATEVER! I didn't plan! :P) sighs and opens the door. "You're late again." he states as if you didn't already know. You rush to your seat and slouch down low. There's a knock on the door again.
  5. Mr. Barn sighs and once again opens the door. This time, you sit up in your see. At the door is a pale blonde guy with enchanting blue eyes. "Sorry I'm late sir." he says with just a tinge of an English accent. "Since it''s your first day, I'll let you off. Sit next to ___________." Mr. Barn replies annoyed.
  6. "Now, if everyone is here, turn to page 207 please." Mr. Barn instructs before sitting down. You can feel his eyes burning through you as you flip through your text book. Finally, you can't take it anymore. "Hi, I'm ___________." You say turning to him. "Daniel." he smiles and winks one of his mesmerizing eyes.
  7. "No talking! Detention __________!" Mr. Barn yells. You roll your eyes and sigh. Daniel says, "sorry" and turns back to his desk. The bell rings and you pack up your stuff. The rest of the day passes by. Finally, it's time for detention.
  8. You walk into detention and see it's just you and some other guy ;). He has hair like Erik but has these icy blue eyes that seem to be filled with torment and blazing with anger. He sniffs slightly and his grip tightens on the pen. His eyes follow you as you walk to a seat, examining your every outline and shape. It's weird how similar he seems to Daniel. Same body, shape, face. Just different colors.. huh.
  9. Suddenly, something bursts through the ceiling. The next thing you know, you're in a closet with the do just creaked up enough to see through. There are hands around your waist and covering your mouth. "Don't make a sound." you hear Daniel as you see a guy with a gun walk past the closet. Your eyes widen in terror. "Sshh.." he breathes. In all the horror, you pass out.
  10. Cliffhanger!! Sorry, i knwo we hte these and ALL these part 1 quizzes end like this but whatev! Come back for part 2!

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