Feeding the Ravens: part 3

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PART 3 is here!! I am sorry it took so long! Part 4 will be here soon. Hope you enjoy my series. Please comment and rate. :)


Created by: Demontheangel

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  1. ya so....you and The Raven enter the white room. He claps his hands again and another different door appears."Come now, Amanda let me show your room,"The Raven says and with that you two enter the average sized room. The walls are painted carmel and the floors are wooden. You notice a small frosted glass enclosure that you guess is the washroom. The furniture in the room includes a bed, a bedside table, a kitchen table with a toaster, oven and mixer, with a mini refrigerator attached to the table and a wall mirror. "You rest for tonight in this room snd from tommorrow onwards your tasks will start. I will send Minitri in the morning to fetch you. if you have any need at all, just call Minitri's name. Goodnight and good luck," and with that your host dissapears through the door taking the door with him. You look at your bed.....it looks inviting and you are really tired. But you wish the bedsheet was a different colour...what colour?
  2. You take a shower and flop down on the bed and yawn your head off. Snuggling under the blankets, your last thoughts before drifting to sleep was....
  3. You wake up in the morning, your head pounding like hell. Groaning you take a shower,and eat some fruits which you find in the refrigertor and a can of ytour favourite drink. While combing your hair, you think about what tasks you will be given to do. At last, when you are ready you call out loud, "Minitri!" Suddenly the dwarf joker in gorilla costume appears frowning. "I believe you are ready, ma'am," he says in a perky voice. He walks towards the east facing wall and start feeling it with his hands. Suddenly he stops and turns an invisible knob and a door opens. Looking back at you, he bows silently and gestures with his hand for you to enter the door. You step in the white room hesitatingly, where you find The Raven already seated in his couch and smiling his usual creepy smile. "Had a good night sleep, Amanda, huh?"he asks. You nod. "Well then lets not waste time. You will perform one task today and answer a few random questions. So lets start with your task.."he says and gets up and claps his hands. A wooden door appears and you both enter to find yourself....where?
  4. .....standing on a windy cliff. All beside you are rocky cliffs and bare desserts. Before you is a gigantic ravine, with molten lava churning and making a pool below. there are many various types of rocks floating on mid air, scattered here and there. Each rosk is actually like a huge piece or earth or land. "This is the Ravine of Fate. At the end of this ravine you will notice three doors. Behind those three door will be each of your presents. Yuo ahve to choose on edoor and whichever you doesn't matter. What matters is that the one you choose will give you a stone which you have to keep safely with you for you would require it in your last task. Now, each of these rocky lands have a 10 inch narrow line going through them. You have to follow that line and walk through the rocky lands to reach the end of the ravine. If you step outside the line the rocy land will disintegrate and you would fall into the lava pool below. If you fail to do a task, you will not die but your failure will result in whipping punishment for one of your presents. Any questions?" The Raven asks smiling. You say-
  5. He laughs at your answer and says,"Anyways, Amanda your time starts now!Good luck, honey!" You look at him bewildered for a second. "Oh!Please start by jumping at the rocks!Go go!!"he says smiling a false sweet smile. You clear out all your thoughts, take a deep breath and leap for the nearest rocky land. You land hard on your feet and exactly on the 10 inch line. With your heart hammering, and sweat trickling down your froehead you walk carefully on the dotted line, your havd spread out for proper balance. You reach at the end of this roicky land and sign in relief. Below you, the churnig and crackling sound of thr lava is starting to get on your nerves. You crouch back and make a leap for the second rock. You don't land on it but your hands guickly grab the rocky land, your fingernails digging in through the rocky porous soil. You heave yourself up and follow the dotted lines and like this way reach halfway of the ravine. By this time, your t shirt was wet with sweat, you were pantinha, your knees were shaking uncontrollably and your head was paining with all the concentration and balance stuff. Your whole body was aching and your muscles were sore. But you determinedly somehow, reach the end of the Ravine of Fates.....
  6. There you see another rocky cliff and you make your best leap and land on the edge. You walk a little and find three doors. One is a electic blue colour. The other is a sweet green colour and the last one is a hot red colour. Choose which one you open....(make your descision wisely.)
  7. You choose the blue door and open it. Instantly, you enter a calm light blue room and in its middle is standing Enois wearing only shorts. His massive wings are spread all around him and he is smiling at you. You smile back and go towards him. "Thank you for choosing me,Amanda. I am obliged,"he says in a calm smooth voice. He puts his hand on his chest and it passes through his chest. He takes it out again and hands you a little sapphire stone shaped as a heart. You stare at the delicate little thing in your palm. "Its my heart. Keep it. I know its small but thats all I can give you one and this," he says and gently leans forward. You close your eyes and like a feather caressing your skin, his soft warm lips brush aginst yours. Then craddling your head in his hands, he kisses you deeply and lovingly. You feel euphoric and feel like you are flying and you don't know for how long you two kiss. But in the end he pulls away and looks at you fondly.He kisses your eyelids and then lightly on your cheek. Then smiling he releases you and takes your hand lead you to the door. Then kissing you one last time, he opens the door for you and you leave the pale blue room behind.
  8. You choose the green door and open it. You enter a mini greenhouse. Its breathtakingly beautiful with tall bamboo trees growing in clusters, a little pond with cystal clear water dotted with pebbles and rare and fragnant flowers blooming everywhere. You see Javian waiting for you beside a smooth black rock. He is smiling sweetly at you, his eyes shinning like crystals. You approach him and smile back. He takes your hand and with his other hand brushes against your eyelids, closing them gently. "Open your eyes," he says in a gentle voice. You open the and in front of your eyes is the most beautiful heart shaped emerald necklace. The stone in the middle is the colour of lush green grass and you stare at it in amazement. "Its my heart and it rightfully belongs to you," Javian says and gives you the necklace. Then he leans forward and kisses you lightly and deeply in the lips for a long time, all the while craddling you in his arms. He then releases you and smiles at you. "You must go now but do be careful,"he says and leads you towards the door. Before opening the door he kisses the back of your hand and then your cheek. Then he steps back and you give him a lsat look and and open the door and leave the mini greenhouse.
  9. You choose the red door and open it and enter a red room. Every inch of space in the floor is filled with white heart shaped balloons. Somewhere in the background a sweet soft melody is being played. The whole room is quite dark but in the center of the room under a soft yellow spotlight is stanind Hader. He is grinning at you flashing a set of white perfect teeth at you, his dimples showing deeply in his tanned skin. You approach him and smile. He smiles back and says, "Because you chose me today, I think I have finally found out what happines and love is. I feel too deeply for you." With that he produces a beautiful heart shaped ruby on his palm and gives it to you. "Thats my heart and I am not really good at taking care of it, so will you look after it for me?" he asks. You nod. "Thank god, " he murmurs and leans forward and kisses you deeply and passionately his strong arms holding you tightly against him. When he releases you both of your breathing heavily and he is staring at you with a wild glint in his eyes. Then grinning his irresistable grin he take syour hand and leads you to the door. Before opening it he kisses you in the cheek hard and steps backs and waves at you childishly. You laugh and open the door leaving the red room behind.
  10. You step into the white room with the two whites couches; the room you first entered when you came here. The Raven his sittinh in his usual couch, his legs crossed and smiling at you mockingly. From the expression on your face he says, "So that went well...Anyways colour of your gem?" he asks looking bored suddenly. You answer:

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