Feeding the Ravens: part 1

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Hey, this is my first series and I really am working hard on it. I hope you like it. I wanted my series to be different from other series; but i hope i did not make it boring. So hope u enjoy it and good luck!

Created by: Demontheangel

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  1. Ok, first I would like to tell you somethings. Firstly, the first question and this one had no effect. Next, the results you are going to get in this quiz may not make any sense to you....The results are hints of the uh...guy you are likely to get in the next parts. From part two onwards the results are going to make sense. But this quiz is most important as without this quiz its next parts will seem alien to you.Ok good luck :)
  2. Your name is Amanda Will and you are 15 years old. You live with your grandfather in a cabin in the woods and the nearby city is miles away. He is a zoologist and you moved here last year because he was researching on deer herds.
  3. One day you decide to go exploring in the woods as your grand father is pretty busy and you have no one else to talk to. Its summer holidays and you want to do something interesting....You wear?
  4. You wear whatever you chose and start on your journey...after a while you come across a huge clearing.You are tired and decide to take rest and doze off. You wake up after some time and get redy to leave..when something catches your eye. Its a tiny black lump lying near a rock. You go to towards it to check it out. When you reach it you see it is covered with pitch black feathers and looks like crumpled sack. 'If its a bird its probably dead' you say to yourself...
  5. Picking up a stick lying nearby, you gently poke it. Nothing happens. Suddenly...some of its feathers ruffle and it tries to lift its head.
  6. You realize its alive and you gently pick it up. You can feel its faint heartbeat against your palm. Craddling it, you decide to aid it back to health. So you leave for home....
  7. You take it back home and show your grandfather your new pet.He smiles and asks,'What will you name the raven?'.....You answer,'Shadow'.He nods smiling and you go upto your room. For the next few weeks you are engaged in taking care of Shadow. After the third week, he starts flying short ditances. You grow very fond of him and you two are almost inseperable now.
  8. One day, it flies and sits on the top of the cupboard. Your grandfather is not at home. You laugh as Shadow slightly tilts his head to one side.But suddenly you notice that he doesnt stop tilting his head...until it becomes upside down. You freeze with disbelief. Suddenly his eyeballs fall out and roll down to the floor.It screeches and you scream at the top of your lungs. You can only watch, crying as you pet slowly disintegrates horrifically......first his feathers fall out and then his beak, wings , legs and so on....until all the fallen pieces slowly disappers and in its place appears a colouful rainbow coloured box. You stop crying, stunned.
  9. You reach of the box and take it with your shaking hands. You try opening the lid and suddenly it jumps out of your hands and floats in midair for a second.Then it bursts open and out pops some colourful bits of paper along with a crumpled colouful sheet of paper.Then the box disappears and the crumpled paper falls down on the floor.You pick it up.
  10. You pick up the paper and open it. Its really colouful and has the face of a joker on it. The face is grinning and has a crooked nose and a horrible scar on his forehead. On top of the joker in big bold letters is wrtitten.... Congratulations!You have just been selected to be the first contestant of our new TV show called THE GAMER!You have to just play a few games and answer a few questions and you will be rewarded with amazing prizes. This offer closes on next Tueday. Contact us for more information and tips.' On the bottom right corner of the sheet is a handwritten address and cell number.You stare at the joker in the sheet. His wild glassy eyes seem to stare right at you!The more you stare at it, the more haunting it looks to you. You decide to take your mind of the creepy joker. You turn the sheet and what you see at the back makes your blood run cold....
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