The Cause part 2

This is part two of The cause. If you didnt read part one then you missed ALOT. I'm serious. So read part one or else you'll be really confused. Ok???

Now this is a story and I hope you'll enjoy this. It took me alot of time to do this. so please. Have fun... Thank you and please read part 2 if you hadnt already.

Created by: Mikaela

  1. Ace leans in toward you, so close you can hear his breath. Out of reflexes you try and kick him but your caught by his foot. He laughs at your weak trial. "Man, since when were you so weak?" He asks coming closer to you then, with a lot of pressure he kisses you mouth to mouth. Without being able to fight back you're being forced to kiss him helplessly with no one around to help you.
  2. After what seemed like an eternity of his passionate kiss he finally backs away. Then grinning with his devilish smile one more he laughs he's sexy yet scare laugh. "Man, It's so new to see you so helpless. I remeber in the past you and I used to fight like crazy you were strong back then, cute too. Now your weak and average. What the hells with that?" and he leans in to kiss you again. Now used to it you roll your and think 'what a hypocrite' then finally he kisses hader and now you can feel pain. His hands are everywhere it shouldnt be.
  3. You try to resist but his hands are still locked at your hands making it impossible for you to fight back. Then from the corner of your eye you can see Aaron. His eyes wide but a tad angry. Ace still kissing you doesnt notice and was surprised when he was pulled back onto the ground. "What the.." He looks up to Aaron. "Aww... Knight in Shining Armor is here now. Jst like the past." He mocks getting up and pulling you to him only to be stopped by Aaron. "DONT YOU DARE MENTION THE PAST." Aaron states angrily. His fists curled up.
  4. "Go ella" Aaron mutters. You nodd and dash up the stairs without noticing that you were blushing a deep red. 'OMG that was wierd' you think to yourself. As soon as you enter the main office you see your mom looking...
  5. "Come on let's go Ella" You mom, Bea, says signing one last slip of paper. You nod your head and walk down the hall with her. You pass your locker and notice that Ace and Aaron arent there anymore.As soon as you left the school you sigh in relief. It was so strange today. Sighing again you step in your car which is....
  6. You step in the car and you stare out the window looking at the bright blue sky. You smile at least that never changes. "Ella" You mom whispers. "About why I called you out..." She takes a deep breath.
  7. "your grandma..." She started but you imideatly pop open your eyes lagre and wide. Your grandma was the kindest lady who was still alive. She was old and wrinkly but had a soft sweet smile.You mom hesitated but then looked out the window and back at you.
  8. "She's..." Another pause..."dead"
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