Your Magical Love Story (Part 4.5)

Yay! Its done! I'm sorry it took so long but I had to publish these two parts at the same time so that you can take them right away. Again, I'm sorry it took so long.

This is part 4.5, so if you havent taken part 4, please do because or else you might get confused. Of course, if you dont take the other parts before part 4, then you'll be confused... Oh you know what I mean.

Created by: Alexandra_18o
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  1. and... it comes out of the fog and you see what you think is a hellhound. At least, it looks like the pictures in the Greek books. The hellhound seems to talk to you, but you dont understand it. Then, it shifts into... Sam. Except it seems that his aura is even darker now, and something's different... "Loooking for your parents?" He says, smiling wickedly, his blond hair almost gray. "Follow." He says gruffly, then turns into a hellhound and starts running. 'Lucky I did laps! He's fast!' you think to yourself.
  2. You go to the front gates and they open up. Youre in a hallway with red carpets, black chandelier, paintings of rulers past, and two staircases going around a huge gold and black room. 'I wonder if this is what my parent's castle look like' you wonder. "The throne room. You are awaited." Sam says, the he bounds off, and you cant help but think that he left because he was scared and shiver.
  3. You go through the doors, and the first thing you notice are your parents in a weird prison thing that seems to take away their powers. "Ah! The little Princess comes to the rescue!" a voice says, and you notice a black throne with a sort of shadow on it. "Let my parents go." you say through clenched teeth. "Hmmm... no. Sorry little Princess. I'm the one who commands here." The Dark Lord flicks his fingers, and Sam the hellhound comes in, followed by many other hellhounds who follow him. "I see your arm is better." you say dryly and Sam snarles at you. "In your position, I would try to be more respectful." he says as the hellhounds circle you, like lions with their pray. Suddenly, you have an idea.
  4. "This has nothing to do with you. Leave us." you say, using compulsion on the hellhounds. They bark and all retreat, except Sam. "Why you!" He says, jumping towards you, claws out. Suddenly, he's thrown into the walls, whining. "She is right. You will leave. NOW!" the Ruler orders. You shiver at the power of his voice. "Now, we will battle. You first." You use Light, since he's Dark, as your first attack.
  5. When he recieves it, the Dark Master groans, but just grows! He laughs. "Think again!" and an invisible force hurls you towards the wall, but you cushion it. You pretend to be in pain. 'Of course! A shdow grows in light!' you wink at you parents and extinguish all the lights. Its total darkness except for the prison. You use agility full time now, since hes a shadow so he blends in. What the Dark One doesnt know, is that you figured it out: only he can open the prison, so your trying to weaken the bars.
  6. You try and think of something to use against him, and then you hear your mothers voice in your head. 'Unlock your inner self, darling. Use the spells.' 'Thanks mom' You wait for a while until the prison is so weak you can open it, then yell out "Turiet zilbinosa gaisma!" and the room fills with a blinding light, while the Dark Ruler yells in pain. You dont see or hear any more, because you teleport to the entrance (Real teleportaion doesnt work in the Dark World) and get out, where your friends are waiting.
  7. "______!!!" Everyone yells out happily. Then they see your parents and bow down respectly. "Rise, young Warriors. You have down well." The King says, while the Queen smiles and hugs you. "I can tell that you have trained our daughter well, and for that, I am grateful." the Queen says. You nod, smiling, and your mom comes over to you. .I think its well time you get this." She waves her arm over your head.
  8. Your friends gasp. On your head stood a wonderful silver crown with pearls hanging down, along with Rubies, Diamonds, and other gems representing your powers running along.
  9. Your mother smiles. "You are a true Light Princess. But beware, soon you will have to make a choice that will affect your whole life." "What does it mean?" you ask. "You will see. For now we must return to the Light Realm. Goodbye, and good luck." She says, and with that you mother and father are gone.
  10. "Do you know what it means?" you ask your friends. The boys look away. "______, its nothing to worry about. Lets go home" Jay says, and you do, putting aside your problems for now.

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