A second love story part 2

Did you take part 1? Well, if you didn't, leave and go take that one, or be confused! In this one, something cheesy's gonna happen. Sorry about the cheesy part, but it's all I can do!

Sorry, but I don't know when part 3 is coming out. I'm shooting for sometime this week, maybe Friday or Saturday. I dunno. And members, remember: 1st 3 suggestions get used in 3!

Created by: Gbeth
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  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. The text was from Drake! " I need to take you there" Marcus told you. "Okay..." you responded.
  3. You walk to the courtyard. It was beautiful: Dark gray pillars growing with vines dangling from the top with giant, exotic flowers blooming from each vine. In the background, there was a peaceful forest of trees. In the center of the courtyard stood a large fountain that seemed very old with it's cracks. Sitting on the edge of the fountain was Drake. "Hey girl, you look fabulous!" he told you. You blushed in response.
  4. Out from the shadows stepped George. "____, we need to talk to you," he said. You listened. " All of us have special powers. We're also some sort of mythical ( or so it seemed) creature. I am a werewolf, Drake is part vampire, and Marcus is a fallen angel. Together, we need to defeat Bellonza, the evil sorceress. Soon, we will test you and see what your powers are."
  5. *fast forward* You're sitting next to the lab computer (Drake is using it). You look around you. A glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling, while the walls are painted so that they look like a jungle around you. " Olay, your powers are super speed, invisibility, and wait, this makes no sense... You have telepathy developing. That's not right. At our age, all your powers should've been developed." " Weird." you abruptly reply, and George walks in. " Hey, can I borrow _______ for a sec?" he asks. "Fine." Drake groans back. George grabs your arm, and drags you to his room.
  6. He quietly locks the door behind you. "Ahh, alone time with my princessa," he sighs, and takes of his shirt to reveal his perfect abs. He drags you onto his bed, and the next thing you know, you are on top of each other, making out.
  7. The door is unlocked, and Drake walks in. He says, " Okay, we're having dinner in ten..." his voice trails off as he sees you two. "I was interrupting, wasn't I?" he said, and shuts the door. "George, I need to go to my room now. Bye!" you tell him, and exit his room. You walk over to your room, and call your folks. You tell them everything is fine, blah blah blah, and hang up. When you open your door, Drake is standing in the doorway. "Oh hey there sexy!" he says, and you passionately blush.
  8. He grips your back, you hold onto his shoulders, and then you two start to sort of slow dance. He dips you down low, and kisses you on the lips. When he realeases you from the kiss, you stare into his deep blue eyes. "Let's check on Marcus," you suggest, and together you two walk into the kitchen together, hand in hand.
  9. Marcus turns around and smiles at you. "Oh hey, ______! Tonight, we're having _______ (your favorite food.) Who are you looking forward to sitting next to?
  10. You sit next to _____ (whoever you said). You all enjoy eating dinner, when suddenly, you hear a crash, and glass goes flying all over the room. You see George takes a dagger out of his pocket, Marcus going along with a revolver. Drake held your hand, and took you to the attic. Suddenly, you two hear a creak...
  11. Something explodes, and everyone except the attackers black out. When you wake up, you see that you are chained to the cold, metal wall. To your left, an unconious Marcus is bound to the wall, and his neck is bleeding. The cell to your right has Drake and George in a cocoon of chains, dangling from the ceiling. Drake's arm is broken, and George has a sprained knee. Out of the blue, the door creeps open...
  12. Hello dearies. I know, this one was a little short, too. I'll try to make part 3 longer. And thanks to SparklyScarlett for being the first to comment! Oh yeah! And the first 3 suggestions will be part of 3's plot! Good luck to all!

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