A second love story part 4

Welcome back to " A second love story". So, Marcus is still gone, but don't worry! He'll be back in part 5... Maybe (hahahahaha). Thanks to the first 2 comments of part 3, by the way!

In this issue... Err, I mean, quiz, Drake and Alex will be fighting A LOT. This is gonna suck, won't it? Two hotties fighting over one girl? This won't be pretty...

Created by: Gbeth
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  1. You silently open the door, and your jaw drops. The same man that Alex disintegrated had magically come back to life! He held the same dagger that he tried to kill you with, and the knife was against Alex's throat. He seems to stare right through you, right at Drake. He thinks Drake is dead ( he's pretending to sleep), so he bangs Alex against the wall. "Where is she?" he spits and Alex. "H...How many times do I need to tt..." Alex is cut off when out of the blur, Drake tackles the guy and stabs him in the chest. Once again, he materializes into sand. "Thanks man," Alex says to Drake, along with the evil eye, and storms off. Drake, in a fury, runs up to Alex and blocks his path. "How DARE you put _____ in danger like that!" he yells at Alex. "You are SO askin' for a knuckle sandwich," Alex aggressively replies. "Hey, can't we all be friend here?" you ask the two. Alex looks at you, and shoots the evil eye at Drake... Again. "Why don't we check on George?" you suggest, and run off the George's room.
  2. When you enter George's room, it is not a pleasant sight. George is lying on the bed, a steady stream of blood trickling from his abs. "GEORGE!" you scream, and you run over to his bed, Alex and Drake hot on your tail. "AAAHH!!!" the both yell. You grab your vial. Unfortunately, healing Drake used up a quarter of the vial, so when you're done with George, the vial will be empty. You walk over to George's bedside, and heal him. He wakes up, not as himself though... As a wolf.
  3. Drake grows restraints around George's body. "Sorry, bud, but you'll be restrained until you turn back into a human again." Alex tells George the wolf. On the outside, you understand that it's necessary, but on the inside, you feel that it isn't.
  4. "It's best that we leave George alone for now," Drake tells you once the restraints are grown. "I'm going back to my room," you yawn, and walk back to you room. When you enter, Alex is sitting on your bed. "How did you get here?" you inquire. "One of my powers is teleporting, just like you turned invisible a couple minutes ago," he says. "Oh." you reply. You tuck yourself into bed, and so does Alex. "Goodnight," he softly whispers in your ear.
  5. The instant you fall asleep, you are tied up, being prepared to be dipped in hot lava. To your left, Alex is being eaten by a shark, and Drake is being attacked by a deadly viper. To your right, George is being tortured by hooded figure, and there is a black coffin holding Marcus. " Tthhiiss iiiss yyourre ffattee," a soft yet harsh voice whispers into your ear. You finally are dipped into the lava...
  6. You shoot out of bed, alarmed at what you saw. "Had a bad dream?" George's voice seemed to ask. You looked around and saw nothing. "Knew it!" his voice says. Still, no George. "I'm still bound to my bed. Can you please release me?" he asks. You tip-toe to his room (Everyone else is asleep). You see George with an uncomfortable look on his face. "Sorry, but you turned into-" "Yes, I know that, genius!" he impatiently whispers back. "Calm down!" you whisper-reply, and set him free.
  7. *fast forward* Breakfast is disasterous! Alex and Drake were fighting, and whenever George tried to calm them down, they hit George! Whenever you tried to calm them down, they ignored you! Finally, the duel has gotten physical. Alex grabs a kitchen knife, and Drake grabs a pot. Alex attempts to stab Drake, but the stab is blocked by Drake's pot. Drake attempts to hit Alex, but Alex sprains Drake's arm deflecting; however, the pot dropped on Alex's face and he got a black eye. "Stop it, you two!" a familiar voice cried out. You turned around to see...
  8. Cliffhanger!
  9. Hello dearists. I know, you guys don't have to remind me, this quiz was annoyingly short. But an old option must wait a turn! Hehe...
  10. Here's a preview of part 5, since I can't think of anything good to write: "Leave her out of this!" Drake shouts. "I'm not putting her in," Marcus cooly replies (yes, Marcus will return) "And to cheer you all up, look what I got!" Marcus cheerfully says, and he whips out...

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