A Highschool Love Story. ~Part 1~

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Welcome to my first story quiz! I think you will like it, I know I did. There are three guys: Jacob, Matt, and Alec. Who will you choose?! The story is up to you!

Please stay tuned for part 2! I hope you will enjoy my quiz! It has a shocking ending for part 1! E N J O Y!

Created by: xXParisXx
  1. It's Saturday at 1:00 pm. Two days before your first day of the new high school. Luckily, it's a new school year for everybody, and you finally aren't the dorky freshman. You ditched your glasses, and got a new hair cut. As soon as you arrive at your new house, your mom let's you pick your room you pick the:
  2. On Sunday, you wake up to sunshine flooding your eyes. You get dressed in a jeans and a t-shirt with uggs. As you are making some pancakes downstairs, you notice a cute boy coming towards your house.
  3. The doorbell rings. You open the door to find a hunky, buff, brown eyed cutie with silky brown hair that falls in his eyes. He has an amazing smile that makes you blush.
  4. "Hi I'm Jacob. Ive noticed you just moved in to the neighborhood." he says warmly. You notice his eyes shimmer when he talks to you. "Hi I'm _____." You reply kindly. "Hey, I was wondering if you'd want to come over to my house and hang out with some of my friends." You aren't sure what to do since it is only 10:00 am. You:
  5. After you arrive at Jacob's house, you meet a Tall blond jock named Matt. He has gorgeous blue eyes and an ah-mazing smile you can not resist. He looks like he has been working out! "Hi Im Matt." He says "I couldn't help but noticeyou were new here. You have amazing eyes." You blush. What do you think of him?
  6. "Hi I'm _____. You probably know I'm new here. Seems like everybody does." you reply. After a nice conversation with Matt, you spot another guy. He has Blonde hair and cat green eyes.it seems he is quite muscular. He stares at you but looks away. He seems shy. "That's Alec." says Jacob. "He's shy but nice. He's more a man of... actions."
  7. After a game of volley ball, and some pizza it is 3:00 pm. You spend the rest of the day:
  8. It's the first day of high school! You definitely want to look good. After a healthy breakfast, and a lecture from your mom about "studying", you put on your best outfit and some nice makeup. You walk to school thinking about the three guys. When you arrive at school you are thinking about:
  9. When you arrive to first class you see Matt! You grab a seat next to him, considering you know nobody else. You both start a shy conversation about chemistry, and then work it up to more personal." Hey _______, how about you meet me after school behind the parking lot?". You shyly agree but your thinking:
  10. After 1st period you go up to your locker. You have brought some acessories to personalize it. After you take out your textbook for next period, you notice Alec staring at you from his locker not-so-far away. He angrily shuts his locker and storms off. You're thinking:
  11. At Lunch time, you recieve a text from Jacob. He tells you to meet him outside behind the dumpster NOW. When you get there he immeadietely kisses you. You:
  12. As soon as He kisses you, Alec jumps out from Nowhere and claws Jacob's face. Jacob screams in Pain, you try to run away, but Alec grabs your leg and knocks you out.
  13. That's It! Stay tuned for part 2!
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  15. Bye!

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