A Highschool Love Story ~Part 3~

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This i spart 3 of the series I made! the three guys you choose from are: Alec, matt and jacob. There is a twist ending, and I think you will like this part a lot!

Next part I am making anime sof the boys so you kinda get a picture of what they look like! E N J O Y !

Created by: xXParisXx

  1. You're just sitting on a bench. Nothing can distract your thoughts. What's going on? Who is Alec going to hurt? But most of all: What Am I? You look down to see your leg still bruised from Alec. You are very confused why he would hurt people....
  2. Somebody finally distracts your whirling thoughts. It's Matt. "Hey _____. How are you feeling?"he asks with a huge smile on his face. You can tell he's hiding something by the way his blue eyes twinkly oddly."Im fine..." you reply with a sigh. "Wel I brought something to make it feel even BETTER!" Matt says. "It's....
  3. It's KFC!"Matt says happily."I love this place and the chicken is soooo good."he says while chewing. You aren't really hungry, but you decide to take a bite to be nice." So _____, ummmm about the parking lot today... I was going to ask you out, but I see we are here now and so... i was wondering...?"
  4. Before you could answer him, Matt kisses you. You:
  5. After the kiss ends with Matt, you notice Jacob. Standing in the rain. he must of seen the whole thing. He looks angry, yet upset. His eyes say anger, but they also say sorrow. He let's his hair fall down in the rain." Oh well I guess you don't mean anything to me anymore!" Jacob yells storming off.
  6. As you're running to get Jacob, Alec bumps into you. You roll your eyes at him and try to run past him. he stops you. "You know he is an idiot."Alec says. "HE'S NOT! He's my friend!" í¿ou shout back. "I'll tell you WHY i hurt those two if you will litsen."Alec says in a hot british accent.
  7. "Fine"you say frusturated. "Welll it says in the legend, the choosen one must choose the descendens of Asklepios, Apollo's son." "And how does that have any-" he cuts you off. "If the choosen one, you, don't choose one of the descendents then the tribe will die. the tribe is hidden all throughout the world. IF you choose someone else other then the descendents, you will be cursed forever and so will the tribe.
  8. "Well that's a nice story. But if you don't mind, im going to save some REAL lives." ou run out to find jacob. your hair falls into your eyes while you run. You are just thinking of many thoughts jacob could be doing. You see him about to cross a street...
  9. He's running across the streeT. Your heart is thinking of all the things you want to sorry for. You want to help him. you want to.... your mind freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. As jacob runs across the street, a shiny black convertibles goes up and BAM! HITS JACOB.
  11. That's it! stay tune for part 4!
  12. Im making animes of the boys for next part!
  13. Bye!

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