Love Story in Highschool Part 1 (girls only)

It's your first day at a new highschool. You are cute, talented, and smart. There 3 guys you can choose from: Mike likes Science. George likes sports. Luke likes music

Who do you belong with? George-the sports guy..... Mike-the Science guy......Luke-the perfect guy. Who do you belong with in this quiz? Will you stay together? Check part 2 fot that answer!

Created by: mikaela

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  1. It's your first day at MLC Highschool. When you get there, you look at you backpack and you forget 2 bring:
  2. You go into your first class(science)and Mike, George, and Luke have empty seats next 2 them, U sit with:
  3. You sit with him and u 2 finish really quick, so u have a comversation. The other girls get jelouse. You do:
  4. ur on 2nd peiod(math) each table hold 4 people. only 1 seat is open. mike george and lukes table.u all finish early.u talk 2 :
  5. at lunch u sit with some girls they tell u theyre crushes. wat did most say:
  6. at reeccess wat do u do:
  7. then at the end of the day, a guy(not M,G,L) asks you out on a date while mike george and luke are behind you. U say: (hes kinda cute)
  8. sorry, that's the end of part 1
  9. Part 2 will come soon
  10. bye

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