The War Part 2 (Girls Only)

These 'Vampire' Series are almost coming to an end! You will love this quiz, well story actually. It has suspense, love, romance, action, blood, Vampires and Werwolves. I only have two more quizzes I am going to do for these Series.

This story is about a girl (That's you), 5 Vampires and 4 Werwolves that embark on a adventure to save the world from the Vampires parents and the Queen of Ice and the King of Fire.

Created by: Sup9877

  1. You're shocked, but you let them go. "Thanks, _______" said Jason. "Looks like you found your special power." said Josh, rubbing his arms. "Ow! I think you busted my leg!" exclaimed Chase.
  2. "So are you gonna help?" said JJ sternly, forcing a smile, he failed. "Fine!" said Josh "But that doesn't mean we're friends." said Gabe, he was clutching his right arm, you never noticed it was bleeding. "How much more time?" asked Jason "48 hours, 2 more days."
  3. You all go to Josh's house, trying to help Chase with his broken leg and help Gabe's arm to stop oozing blood, it smelled good to you and you thought the others were clutching their noses.
  4. "Uh, we gotta go eat." said Nate "You do too." Nate handed a mirror to you, you looked in it, your eyes were black.
  5. "We'll go with you guys." said Gabe. "We need to eat too." "I'm in the mood for deer." said Scott, smacking his lips. "Well lets go!" you exclaimed.
  6. You are in the forest, you carefully watching how Josh and Logan hunt. A few minutes later you start to eat.
  7. You soon hear a rustle in the bushes, you stop for a second, checking it out. But you stop and just continue eating.
  8. You see Josh pushing you out of the way. "Get out!" he yelled and it all happened so quickly, there was a boom of lightning and a blast of fire.
  9. You see 5 human shadows approaching you with long cloaks. "Guess 'They' are one day early. You see 'Them' grinning and glowing in the sunlight.
  10. Yes I am going to end this quiz! Come back for my next one 'Fire and Ice'!

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