Surfer's Island- part 1

READ THIS!!! this is ONLY for GIRLS!!! okay you're on a cursie with your friends. You guys are awsome at surfing. its pertty much your life. You guys got on this crusie with the help of your rich friend. but then the crusie ends in a horrible crash. I didn't write down how your friends look like or what their names are because that parts gonna be for part 2

DO you think you will survive the crash?? will you stay on or swim for your life??? what wil you do. please come back for part 2. please rate and comment. if you have any good ideas please tell me!!

Created by: mystic
  1. First of all, if you read the paragraphs, you won't be confused. Now back to the story. You and you're friends are finally on the crusie. The place is packed with people you guys don't know. You just stand there until you realize your friends are gone. What do you do?
  2. You are now at your room and you think its awsome. Theres a huge flat screen tv with HD and a wii and xbox 360. Theres also a little mini refrigerator. You stay here and unpack and hope one of your friends will come by. After you've finished unpacking, what do you do?
  3. Its been a while so you get out of the room go outside to the main deck. Theres a milkshake bar, a pool , and a place where you can work on your tan. What do you do?
  4. Before you could do anything, the boat starts shaking. Then the water from the pool starts splashing out, the cups break leaving sharp pescies of glass behind and people start panicing. What do you do?
  5. You see a guy at the milkshae bar. "Whats going on?" you ask."The ship-its crashed into a giant iceburg causing a hole in the ship. We need to get out of here! Follow me!" He said. "But what about my friends?" you ask. "They wil be alright, now follow me." Do you trust him?
  6. YOu decided to trust him. Yuou guys make your way through pacining people, Falling tables, crashing chairs, and sharp glass on the floor. You see the exit and you friends. YOu run towards them. "You made it! We were worried about you." one of them say. "Yeah so was I but we need to get of this ship quick!" you say. Your friend grabs a life boat and everyone jumps in. You go on but you trip and fall into the water. A peice of the ship falls and hits your head.
  7. Cliffhanger. Fave color? please don't kill me i had too
  8. Are you gonna rate and/or comment? Please tell me if you have any ideas for part two.
  9. So... hows life?

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