Fantasy Island... 2

So far you havent learnt much about tyhe island. but that will all soon change! so beware, at every corner there will be a monster waiting to get you. Like josh ;)or maybe its a vine swinging lion fighting superman

Finally everyone has arrived, now oyu can all start to rebuild your lives together. you should start with building a house, or maybe looking for others on the island. you never know what out there.

Created by: XD_doodler_XD
  1. Its been three days since you first came to the island. the food in the crate was immensely huge. it was full of fruit and vacuum packed meat with which you cooked on the fire. Nobody else has turned up and your a little worried. "where'd you suppose you think alex and josh are?" you ask during dinner. mary shoots you a venemous look. "why do you care where my boyfriend is? its not like its any of your business." she snaps.
  2. "I was just wondering." you say back, just as coldly. soon everyone is asleep except you and jacob. you decide to take a walk along the beach together. "Nice night isnt it?" you say, starting up a conversation. "Yeah, really nice. Can i ask you something?" he says. "yeah sure." he turns around to looka t you, grabbing your hands. he comes in and kisses you. when he's done you stand there. "Um. T-that wasn't a question y-you know." you say, stuttering. he smiles and kisses you again. You respond by tackling him to the ground. "opps." you say. "Its alright, kinda fun actually." he says. he grabs your hand and you start walking again.
  3. "Hey!" you hear someone shout. Jessie is running up behind you two, he looks mad. "Yeah?" you say. "Why'd you run off?" he asks, catching his breath from all the running. "Because we were going on a walk." "Can i come." you look at jacob, who was behind him shaking his head furiosly. Jessie doesnt wait for an answer, he just takes your hand and walks off with you. you turn to see jacob walking away. "so, nice night huh?" he asks.
  4. he stares into your eyes. before he could kiss you like he had planned there was a sound coming from the shrub next to you. "AH!" you scream as a hand comes out and grabs you by the hand. you break free and run for it, screaming all the way back to the fire where you get a stick and arm yourself.m "What's going on?" asks jacob, really concerned. "Someone, t-tried to g-grab me!" you stammer after calming your furiosly beating heart. "Someone tried to grab you?" he was worried now. you all look to see jessie walking back with someone next to him. when they come into the light of the fire you see josh watching you apologetically.
  5. Assuming you were okay he comes to sit next to you. "Why'd you do that josh?" you demand. he blushes and looks down. "I dont know, i saw you and decided to make a big entrance. beside your easy to scare. everyone laughs. mary laughing harder than the others. "okay whatever, bed time now. we've all had enough excitement for one day. there seems to be an order in which people arrive here so alex should be next. mary stares at yu evilly. you smil;e back and lie down. you dream of.....
  6. The next morning you are all awake before the sun is even in the air. hungry you get up and rummage through the crate for the bag of porridge you found yesterday. josh looks happy at the sight of food. he helps you make it as jacob and jessie go to search the island for anymore food. mary went for a walk on the beach an hour ago. "So, how long have you been on the island?" Josh asks. "About three, four maybe five days. How about you?" he looks out to the horizon where the sun was just starting to rise. he goes silent.
  7. "Um sorry if i said something wrong." you say, he looks at you confused. "Why would YOU say something wrong, i was just counting the nights i'd been here, im up to sixteen i think." your mouth pops open. "sixteen days!? but that's ages! how long have we been gone off the boat?" he shrugged. "im not sure, but it's been a long time." a though comes to you. "How come we didnt find you before now?" "Because i was too busy staying in the shadows, well, watching you really." your a little creeped out that he's stalking you but when you realise he was stalking YOU you start to feel special.
  8. suddenly the others come back. and guess who's with them. ALEX! he runs over to you and hugs you. luckily mary wasnt there. (Secretly hoping she was) "How long have you guys been here? i searched the whole island! i havent seen you at all. although the campfire i saw a couple of days ago makes sense now. i wast your campfire." he hugged me some more. "Who hold up mate, you better stop that before your girlfriend comes back." says josh, turning jealous. alex jumps up looking around. "Mary? Where? Where?" "Over here." comes mary's voice. she didn't seem to have noticed alex's earlier beaviour. which was good. he ran to hug and kiss her. jacob sits down next to you. being the meany she is mary decides to tell everyone she saw you to kissing last night. "So is jacob a good kisser _______?" she asks. all the guys turn to watch you. Jessie looks angry and he walks off, Alex horrified, josh looks like hes about to cry and turns away immediately. Only jacob looks smug.
  9. So... How you liking the quiz so far? no effect of course.
  10. Who are you liking now?
  11. Come back for part 3!

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