In Sicily I have met some of the kindest, most generous, friendly and hospitable people in the world. The food, wine, history and culture of the island are endlessly fascinating whilst its scenery is breathtaking. Living here is not without its frustrations, though!

Could YOU become a Sicilian? How much do you know about this interesting island and its people? Would you have to learn "Pazienza", like me? Take this little quiz to find out! To any Sicilians reading this, I have composed the quiz with affection.

Created by: Pat Eggleton of Sicily Scene
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  1. What is the capital of Sicily?
  2. Marsala is
  3. An event in Sicily is billed to start at 9pm. What is the likely start time?
  4. What are arancine?
  5. Pirandello was
  6. What is the best way to behave in a slow-moving Sicilian post office queue?
  7. To cross the road on a zebra crossing in the rush hour in Sicily you
  8. Where would you find the Valle dei Templi?
  9. Everything closes and stops for two weeks around
  10. Torrone is
  11. In general shops and businesses are open in Sicily between
  12. Which of the following was Sicilian?
  13. Which of the following are traditionally eaten on Xmas Eve in Sicily?
  14. It's 44 C outside and there has been no running water in your building for 3 days. Do you

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Quiz topic: HOW SICILIAN am I?