how generous are you?

There are many generous people in the world, and most of them are deeply respected and to the what goes around really does come around. Generous people are kind and other people are thankful for them.

Take this quiz to see if YOU are a generous person, and I hope that the results are to your pleasing. This is my second quiz. Please also take my first quiz, Are you cool or lame, also by me, Jessica. Please rate this quiz and my first one too.

Created by: Jessica

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A homeless guy comes up to you and asks you for some food while you're eating. You...
  2. A nun comes up to you and asks you to donate some
  3. Are you bored yet?
  4. You hear a earthquake happened at your home
  5. Just 6 more questions to go...
  6. One of your classmates forgets their lunch. you...
  7. Your teacher is leaving and your mum tells you to buy them a gift. You...
  8. A cute guy asks you for a dollar and so does a homeless guy. you...
  9. Do YOU think you're generous?
  10. Last question...did u like this test?

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Quiz topic: How generous am I?