Are You A Petty Person ?

There are many people in this world but few are generous and forgiving. To be generous and forgiving, after all is quite a hard thing to accomplish. Being generous and forgiving simply means that you do not hold grudges against people and are very willing to forgive them no matter what happens. Sadly, most people in this world go under the category ' Petty '.

Are you forgiving ? Do you have that big heart ? Or are you just Petty Patty from next door ? If you are petty, what advice can be given ? And if you are, how petty are you ? Don't worry, all the answers to these questions are just a few clicks away ! Just click on this quiz and you'll get the answers in no time !

Created by: `Simplicity
  1. If your friend tells another friend a secret but doesn't tell you, you mostly would feel :
  2. Lets say a friend of yours scored higher than you for you best subject and accidentally steps on you after that. She/ He apologises profusely and asks if you are ok. Your reply would more likely be :
  3. On your first day of school, somebody offends you by embarrassing you in front of the whole school. Due to this incident, everyone in school laughs at you and you are labelled as loser for the rest of your school years. A few years down the road, you meet the person who caused you to be labelled loser. He/She goes up to you and apologises. Your immediate reaction is :
  4. Your friend forgets your birthday because she is really busy. You are angry with her for :
  5. Its your mother's birthday. Your boyfriend gives your mother a small gift. However, you later on find that his gift is nowhere as expensive as what you had given to his mother on his mother's birthday. You :
  6. You invite your friend on an outing. However, she is held up and arrives around 10 minutes late. You :
  7. You are queuing up to see the doctor and its finally your turn. Just as you're about to move up front, someone cuts the queue. You :
  8. You see your enemy on the floor crying for help at night in a deserted area. She begs you to help her. You:
  9. You run into your ex boyfriend who broke your heart badly on the streets. He begs you for forgiveness and shows you a picture of his current girlfriend and tells you how much he loves her. You :
  10. Your mother breaks something you like dearly. You :

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Quiz topic: Am I A Petty Person ?