How Angry Are You?

This little quiz was created to test whether you are a tolerant, perhaps even meek person, or an angry, maybe dangerous individual. How do you react to things that tick you off? Are you a lamb, or a deranged lion?

Take a deep breath, let all those thoughts you may have floating in your head of petty vengeance, or red, red rage take a rest, and answer the questions to get a better understanding of yourself.

Created by: Jim
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  1. When you wake up in the morning, your first thought of the day is:
  2. While watching your favorite TV show,a 2 year old child walks repeatedly in front of the TV while chanting "I like puppies". Your most likely reaction is:
  3. When driving, someone cuts you off. You are most likely to:
  4. In a movie theater, people with big hats sit in front of you and talk loudly during the show. Do you:
  5. Have ever physically attacked someone, even if by just pushing or slapping them, because they said something you found offensive?
  6. Are you currently, or have you ever been on any medication for high blood pressure, anxiety, or anger control?
  7. Imagine you had mind control and could make others do things you wanted. Now imagine you are in heavy traffic, and there is a car next to you playing music with the bass turned all the way up so loud your car is vibrating. Would you most likely -
  8. Complete the following with the most appropriate answer. "When things are really getting on my nerves, I like to.."
  9. Have you ever been arrested due to something you did in anger?
  10. Did taking this quiz irritate you?

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Quiz topic: How Angry am I?