How Angry are you?

Many people know that they are angry people. But many do not know just how angry they really are. Taking this quiz will tell you. When you are done, tell someone else about this quiz!

How angry are you? Find out with this quiz, and see if you need to take some time to yourself! Angry or not, take this quiz. Maybe taking it will be a form of therapy.

Created by: Jombie
  1. How do you feel right now?
  2. If you saw a TV show you hated, which would you do?
  3. Someone you know, but don't like, was bothering, because he thought you were his friend. Would you:
  4. Everything during the day has gone wrong, and you feel you might explode. Someone says something that just about tips you over. How do you handle it?
  5. You were out shopping and you saw something you wanted. Unfortunately, it was the last one, and some old lady took it, and you know she saw you going for it. You handle it by:
  6. You were driving up to a store, and you saw an empty space in a prime location. You were just about to pull in, when someone comes out of nowhere and parks there. What do you do?
  7. Someone gets in your face yelling because you bumped them.
  8. You lost your job, bills are due, and your girlfriend or boyfriend is leaving you.
  9. You're getting mugged. What is the outcome?
  10. How do you feel now?

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Quiz topic: How Angry am I?