How Angry Do You Get?

Not many people can control their anger. To me there are three types of angers. Not really showing their anger, not exactly showing anger but exploding with it inside, and one who always expresses their anger. Truthfully no person is not angry. Hey did you see the movie anger management? I did it was a cool movie. I didn't know what else to write.

What type of angry are you? Take this quiz and see how you would react in different situations. You should have fun with these quizzes. Umm... Yea so... Take the quiz and yah. Ok I really don't know what else to write, but this is a really cool quiz and I'm sure many of these situations have applied to many people.

Created by: Sasha
  1. You are waiting in the line for lunch and someone cuts in front of you. You...
  2. Your friend keeps playing an annoying song for the tenth time. You..
  3. Your friend breaks your Cd case, throws out your batteries to your calculator, and your markers. You..
  4. Your friend spills juice on your shirt. You..
  5. Some annoying girl keeps taking your seat on the bus. You..
  6. You ask a person for help before the test. They claim they don't know what to do. When the test is being handed back they get a 100% and you get a 70% you..
  7. Your friend tells you they can't hang out because they're going to their grandma's house. On myspace. Com you discover they really hung out with other friends. You...
  8. You are super sleepy but you have to wake up for school. Your parent comes in and claps there hands and tells you to get up. They open all the blinds and pull off your covers. You..
  9. You are looking forward all day to the left over pizza from last night. When you get home from school everyone has already eaten all the left over pizza. You..
  10. You never get money, and your parents give you 40 dollars. When you look in you bag, the money is gone. Your friends tell you they gave it away in a charity bin. You..
  11. You would describe yourself as which character from Spongebob?

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Quiz topic: How Angry do I Get?