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  • So I found out that I get angry easily (88%) my friends told me that before but I brushed it off cause everyone gets angry. So when I took this test and finished and found out how much I get angry, I thought That this was okay quiz. But then when I read the comment on how much I get angry, I didn't expect to get called a cycopathic weirdo, that ticked me off, I also kept telling myself that I'm not what u called me, that u don't actually know me, I actually almost let a tear fall, but it didn't come because I soon calmed down, because at the time I was listening to something that calms me down enough for me to sleep, and the sound actually helped with my anger. (Off point here) my point is that u really shouldn't call some one that name, probably knowing they'll get ticked off

  • Good quiz.

    I always hold my anger in in real with a few outbursts here and there. I try to keep my anger online but im about ready to explode and kill someone! -_-

  • 89%

    I laughed at some of the questions because they were so true

    But p***** me off because they reminded me
    Good quiz tho it was fun

  • I didn't like this quiz and now I don't care for it bye

    Dawn Blue
  • i get angery alot


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