Torn in two; I need help please click!

There are these two guys that I like, they both know I like them and guy 1 knows I like guy 2 which makes him flirt with me even more. He has asked me out several times which I have refused,

BUT I might not be able to hold him off for long, he's going to ask again soon I can tell. I'm really and truly sorry for taking up your time with my petty problems but I decided that saying this anonymously might help.

Created by: HopelessIdiot

  1. I'm going to give you a situation and you're going to decide which guy sounds better-ish or whatever, okay?
  2. (Guy 1) He calls me a lot of names (You're stupid, etc.) but he can't stand me ignoring him. (Guy 2) Really shy but I catch him staring ALL the time. He cares about what I have to say
  3. (Guy 1) He tries to make me laugh by making really sexual jokes and pretending to be stupid. (Guy 2) He too tries to make me laugh but he tells stories about himself and these random jokes
  4. (Guy 1) I talk to him a lot and we know almost everything about each other (Guy 2)He's really shy and awkward so we don't really talk but we make jokes
  5. (Guy 1) He has black straight hair and brown eyes (He's indian)
  6. (Guy 2) He too has brown eyes but his hair is REALLY DARK brown. It's curly too.
  7. (Guy 1) is on the Tennis team and he is kinda athletic (Guy 2) is not on any teams but he's very athletic
  8. (Guy 1) is of very high intelligence and I have loads of classes with him. When we work in groups he chooses me as his partner. (Guy 2)Is of average-high intelligence and is only in my Art class so he sits at my table all the time
  9. I think I'm done.... I know this was a somewhat ruddy quiz and it sounds kind of celf-centred but I needed desperate help. This has been going on for a few months I'm sorry for taking up your time.
  10. I'm not going to ask you to comment or rate but if you want to then please do. Bye bye and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THIS!

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