Which guy is for you?

There are many guys in the world, but do you know which one is right for you? Some are rude, others are kind. But you might not know which kind of guy is best for you.

Take this quiz to find out, which out of three guys is the best for you! One is a flirt, one is shy, and one is athletic. You never know, you may be surprised!

Created by: musiccvhp12

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  1. You walk into your homeroom class and you go over to your crush who is....
  2. When you go over and join whatever conversation he is in, what does he do?
  3. How many previous girlfriends has he had?
  4. Does he play any sports? If so what?
  5. Most easily, how can you reach him?
  6. Does he get in conflicts with your friends a lot?
  7. How long have you liked him?
  8. How much do you talk to him?
  9. What's his favorite color?
  10. What instrument does he play?
  11. Does he like you?
  12. What is his personality like?
  13. What does he look like?

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