What kind of Melden are you?

What melden are you. You may think youre cultured or a big sports junkie. What characteristics do you have that make you either Meldous, Meldis, Melden, or Meldenopolis? Now is the time to figure out which Melden you are. Are you rude, or kind, athletic or a dork. An old man or a young jock. This will tell you all. Not really but i was bored.

ok this is getting ridiculous. i will think of something for you guys that hated this good. you dont have to take it again. if ya I guess im a lazy melden. is that 150 yet. come on its gotta be.

Created by: Don

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is the best tv character.
  2. The best time to eat is.
  3. What is the best kind of pizza
  4. What is your favorite sport/activity.
  5. where do you want to live
  6. what college is the best
  7. which drink is best
  8. what is the best clothing brand
  9. best movie genre/series
  10. what is your biggest weakness

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Quiz topic: What kind of Melden am I?