What Kind of Novel Should You Write

What kind of novel should YOU write? Ever wounder what kind is just the right kind for you. Well look no further because this test will give you the help that you need. Don't take it to heart if it isn't the novel that you want to write. This is just for fun.

Writing a novel? Lost as to what you want to write about? Well give this quiz a try and find out what it thinks you should write about. Don't freak out if you don't like it. Have fun and good luck.

Created by: Kendall
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  1. Do you love a good love triangle?
  2. Do you love to think about who is the next one to die in a movie?
  3. Is it funny when a person runs into a sliding door?
  4. Is a dragon flying in the sky cool?
  5. Do you love drama?
  6. Is it cool to try and kill a zombie?
  7. Would you like to write about a new frontier in the universe?
  8. Is it amazing to deactivate booby-traps?
  9. Do you love it when someone likes someone and it affects others?
  10. Do you love technology?
  11. Are you into teen troubles?
  12. Do you love to find things?
  13. Would you jump off a cliff for fun?
  14. Is a knight in shinning armor cool?
  15. Is imagination overrated?

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