How Pen Argyl Are You?

The site that makes these quizzes required me to write a two paragraph description of a quiz that is completely explained by the title. Holy crap, this is getting too much like homework. I'm almost done with the first paragraph - now on to #2.

This is the second stupid paragraph they are making me write. I don't have this kind of time. I will need to go set my fantasy football lineups soon, and I am pretty much sick of typing now.

Created by: Millhouse of this site
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  1. Where do you drink most often?
  2. Where will you find the best hot dogs?
  3. Who rides a bike around town, leads all the parades, and calls everyone "Buddy"?
  4. Bangor?
  5. What does GCS stand for?
  6. Favorite pizza place?
  7. Do you know someone on who lives or grew up on Schank avenue?
  8. What number is the only retired jersey in PAHS football?
  9. What do you do if you are playing catch and a ball rolls out of the front yard into the street?
  10. Did I spell Pen Argyl correctly?
  11. Did you play lacrosse in high school?
  12. Most traveled road?

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Quiz topic: How Pen Argyl am I?