Do you frequently take bad quizes on GoToQuiz?

Do you often find yourself taking really terrible quizzes on GoToQuiz? Or even terrible quizzes in general? Well, lucky for you, you can pull time away from your procrastination by procrastinating even more, with an ironically bad quiz from GoToQuiz. Delve deep into your mind about if you are taking bad quizzes or not. Ignore the dripping sarcasm.

What am I supposed to do, write more? Why must this quiz have a 2 paragraph description? That's dumb, I just explained everything I need to say in the 1st paragraph, I don't need another. Blame GoToQuiz for this requirement.

Created by: quizzler

  1. Do you frequently find yourself answering questions that have terrible possible answers? (For example: "Yesss!!!111!")
  2. Are they often for trivial matters, such as how you look, how popular you are, etc.?
  3. Have you seen this GoToQuiz format many times?
  4. Do you take these quizzes out of procrastination?
  5. Do you take these quizzes seriously?
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Quiz topic: Do I frequently take bad quizes on GoToQuiz?