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Everyone comes on this site and take it for granted. There's enough of lack of appreciation and next week, I'd be stating an appreciation day for Gotoquiz where we all share our favorite memories of this place.

Understood? You all will participate, I don't care who you are, or what you'll be doing on that day but you sure as hell will make time to pinch in some information. I'll get back to you on this Gotoquiz Appreciation Day sooner or later.

Created by: Aria
  1. There are some things in life we grasp on to; some things we can't seem to let go. These things hold us, trap us from letting go because inside, we are afraid we'd lose what came with these things; we're scared we'd lose the memories and the happy times. Take this place for instance. It was where most of us began writing, where we learnt to accept differences and made new friends (family, in our case) for a lifetime. Even though we may not meet in real life, some of us have a friendship that can't break. This Gotoquiz family holds a bond that none can break, this family we have made. Just writing, every week, getting a new update from HogwartsLove or natuhleegayle. Reading about xxblutixx's amazing adventures or Cal's dangerous treks were the highlights of our week. We lived for the moments and even though it's gone, I think we can still cherish the fond memories.
  2. Today, just about an hour or two ago, I opened an email from one of our fellow Gotoquizer, Jaime. As I saw her name, the memories flooded through me like the blood in my veins. I could still remember how amazingly genuine she was (and still is) and how just vibrant she used to be. I know we haven't spoken in a long time, but we all still care for each other, right? Because of this place, I found my best friend, Maria (WTF_NINJA.) I can't live without her, to be honest. Anyway, I'm straying as usual, let's go back to Jaime. Jaime, you are amazing and we miss you. I don't understand how you can doubt for a second that we wouldn't remember you. You are one of the angels in this heavenly home. You wiped our tears when we cried and you were there for us. I couldn't have thanked you at that time, but I can thank you now because I just understood the meaning of friendship and loss. And if we lost you, in any way or the other, I wouldn't know what to do.
  3. Just last night, I heard that there is a cyclone in India. I got so worried because I THINK Orange Fusion lives in India. At that time, I couldn't use my phone to email her because Outlook was messing up, I had to wait till today to contact my lovely friend. My prayers are with the citizens of India. I know they are all terrified, seeing as thousands of people lost their homes, millions are without power and as far as I know, five people are dead due to this tragic incident. If you have family or friends in India, please pray for them. Pray that they will be okay.
  4. Seeing as we're speaking of natural disasters, an earthquake occurred in my country night before. It was of 6.25 magnitude and lasted for about a couple minutes or so, I think. All I knew, was since Venezuela was so close, I was worried about Maria. I wondered if she was okay. I wasn't concerned about my country because we've survived worse. It's a laugh, really because nothing bad ever happens to this country; it's blessed and I thank God for that. Luckily, there was no damage done but I suppose those ungrateful citizens who don't like the government will lie and complain to get money and supplies. Trust me, you'd be surprised to see how some people are. You seriously wonder, sometimes.
  5. How are you all though? I know I haven't been on and I haven't been in contact with you lot but I have missed you. I spoke to HogwartsLove recently, along with xxblutixx and obviously, WTF_NINJA. But I was wondering how the rest of you are. Every time I come on this site, I feel a part of me breaking again. There is no love left, nothing that we had an as much as we may want to have it, we can't. You wouldn't believe the lump in my throat right now and the tears I'm fighting back because my parents are across the room, but this place...I just love this place so much. One day, I hope people will come to appreciate this place like we have; to appreciate the magnificent beauty that it holds and the cherished moments that were shared.
  6. Now there's a topic that's been bothering me for quite some time. Love. I understand that many people may believe in love whilst others don't. I'm not sure if I believe in it just yet, although, I watched Titanic. Oh, wipe that confused look off your face, let me explain. I said to myself, ever since I was a little kid, I would only watch Titanic if I fell in love. Real love. And this summer, it so happened that I watched Titanic. I mean, I was considering watching it before the summer but something came up, as in, he was going to leave to go Jamaica to study medicine but instead, he came back in September, so basically, you can say I watched Titanic for no reason. The love between Jack and Rose; it's irresistible yet amazingly stupid. Jack could've freaking held on to the wood but oh no, he wants to be romantic and save her. Like boy, please. My thinking may have been a little off at that time because I thought that movie was oh so, fabulous. Butttttt, I do really enjoy Letters to Juliet. I seem captivated by Amanda Seyfied, I'm not sure why though. Haha, well that's basically it. Oh no, let me continue.
  7. Love, right? They say it's the strongest feeling, the one that makes you feel most alive but little do they know that it can make you feel uncontrollably depressed and dull at the same time. Love is something humans can't control and once a wise man said, "Humans have a knack for precisely choosing the worst for themselves." Yes, Albus Dumbledore said that. It is true though. I've realised this over the past years I've lived. I've chosen the worst friends, the worst path, and I've made the worst decisions. And so, I keep on doing. I've chosen him and everyone around me thinks he's the worst for me. He's like a drug I can't get over; my addiction. Now, I'm not going to go into some cheesy description of how he makes me smile when I'm down because it's the other way around. I'M always there for him, but he never really seems to appreciate that. He takes for granted all that I do for him and I know I need to distance myself from him but it's hard.
  8. I've been rambling on about my 'supposed' love life. Have I mentioned that I'm failing Math? Oh yes, I'm terrible at it even though I went lessons. But darlings, here the key word there. I WENT lessons. I'm not going anymore and my brain seems to be lacking the knowledge needed for the simple subject. I have no idea what's going on with me, to be honest. There are the days when I don't feel anything. I actually don't feel anything; a person can slap me and I wouldn't feel it. A person could kick me in the soft spot and I wouldn't feel it. But then, there are the days when I feel so much I want to cry. Have you ever had these type of feelings? If you do, please tell me what I should do.
  9. The internet is a strange place, you know. Some say, it's where you can be yourself but then again, there are people out there who are just waiting to get close to you, use you and dumb you like an old frying pan. There is a limit to the people you can trust, I've learnt from experience, a bittersweet experience, might I add. I love you all and I wouldn't want anything to happen, so please be careful.
  10. Life. What is the meaning of life? Some say, they are born to make a difference, show people that even though you come from something bad, you can make something good of it with encouragement and determination. Then, there are others who say life is nothing but a lie because from the second you're born, you die every day, little by little (which is true, by the way. It's scientifically proven.) If you don't make something of yourself in this life, how can you achieve greatness in the next? I bet you all read books. You read about the people who have greatness thrust upon them, people striving for greatness and then the people who are terrible no matter what they do. Which path will you take?
  11. 'If you believe, anything can happen.'

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