shoutouts part 2

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I would like to apologize if anyone feels that I skipped them. This quiz was made off the top of my head. Which is why I have so little to say about everyone in it

This shout out quiz was made simply to show some appreciation for the amazing people on this site who have become a happy part of my life and who hold a place in my heart

Created by: mcqueen

  1. first up jr (sonic x) you're my chocolate buddy and the inspiration for this quiz and the pic
  2. sim (donotdisturb) you're a great friend and I love getting to talk to you when you're on
  3. ender I love getting to talk and or harass you. Your a great friend when your not denying your commitment
  4. The geek the smartest and boldest person I know. When he's not kicking troll arse he's keep yours in check
  5. unloving she's a loving go getter who keeps you entertained and a sweet person
  6. troy (weaux) what can I say your the big brother I'll never have and I love you
  7. Madison (br0wniebunny) you're the little sister I've always wanted and I'm happy I've gotten the chance to know you
  8. tiye (dannylover321) no matter what you put up with all my and all me weirdness
  9. maru (thecoldestsun) you're a great person to talk to. And you're nice enough to play along when I start my weird little games
  10. BLAZEY (the truth) you're one of my best friends on here and no matter what you see the sexy side
  11. blade (GoofyEcthelion) it's been really fun getting to know you. And I enjoy talking to you
  12. dark dark (dark22978) Your a feisty cat who has your friends back. And is not afraid to fight for what's right
  13. Skater (GothicH3llBoy) you're a great person with a kind heart you've always got my back and I have yours
  14. anri (anri hyuga ) you're a loving and caring person. And I'm glad to have you as a friend
  15. nuna you're a strong, talented, and sweet person with a diamond heart. You're one in a million and I wouldn't have it any other way
  16. doodle you're one realistic and funny dude. I look forward to getting to talk to you more
  17. absol heart your funny, smart, creative, and a true friend
  18. megan (daughterofapollo) your kooky, funny, and sweet. You're willing to motivate others to the farthest extent

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