The Wallflower part 5

So, If you do not celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, I apologize. But, after you read this part I hope you'll understand why I had to do the holiday thing.

I could've done new years but, I plan to write something else for that. It might be a little delayed like this one but there will still be one. Hey, if you haven't, please check out the 'coming soon in 2013-2014' quiz I have.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. Things are pretty silent for the holidays. It's just me and Taylor out here. Recently I find myself winding myself up every day just to get up in the morning. Taylor says that it's just winter and it'll get better when the ice melts and it becomes spring again.I don't think that's it though. I think it's depression. I could be wrong though.
  2. For me, the holidays are usually pretty depressing. Especially now that my boyfriend is no longer here to make things better. Taylor assures me that it's going to be the best 'Merry Hanukkahmas'. You may be wondering why that sounds so strange or weird. It's some kind of weird cross-over between Hanukkah and Christmas.
  3. He celebrates Hanukkah since the family that brought him up is Jewish. He says he's never celebrated Christmas before and I've never celebrated Hanukkah. Plus, since we figured we'd be with each other for a long time, we wanted to make a tradition together as friends.Each night we light a candle for the 7 and when all candles are lit, it's Christmas eve and we open all our presents then. It might be strange, but we consider it normal.
  4. As we were preparing for our new tradition to begin on Christmas eve, the doorbell rang.On the other side was a family. New neighbors actually. I opened the door to see a few new faces. Only two. "Excuse us, my son and I were driving along the road heading to the woods considering it's hunting season already and our car broke down.
  5. Do you mind if we stay until our car is repaired?" The man with the white beard who could've been easily mistaken for Santa Claus at a mall pushed his son forward giving me a better glimpse at his face. The boy was a ginger of average height and freckles.
  6. His face wasn't really distinct and I bet I couldn't have picked him out of a crowd of red-heads. I asked Taylor permission if we could invite them in. He approved after several minutes of begging. But he finally caved in. He acts all tough at times, but he isn't. He used to not give in at times like this when we just moved here. Now he's kind of a pushover.Eventually, we settled in by the fire under heaps of blankets waiting for their truck to be fixed. It didn't come until the clock would strike 12. It didn't matter anyway, it's not as if we were doing anything anyway.
  7. Turns out that drinking hot chocolate with a couple of complete strangers and doing a good deed on Christmas night was even better than spending Christmas alone. After everyone had left besides Taylor and me, we exchanged one gift each.
  8. It was part of our tradition that we exchanged only one gift. I opened the gift that Taylor had pushed forward with a label that said my name. Not the name of Violet Decree. But of Hazel.He must've known I missed my name. I slowly tore open the neatly wrapped red paper. It was one of the boxes that you would find in the jewelry store. I opened the box to reveal a certain familiar ring on a chain.
  9. I picked up the ring neatly tucked away and into the palm of my hand. It was recently polished and it glowed as if it were lighting up the room. I stared in awe and I sensed Taylor watching me the same way. That's when I realized there was something written on the inside of the ring. 'Happy anniversary Hazel, looking forward to another year with you'.
  10. Adam's ring. I felt like I was going to cry again, on the verge of tears once more. It also felt like something died inside me. Taylor gave me hug and I felt warmth. Unlike when Adam was dying in the ambulence on the gurney. Adam's hand got colder while Taylor still had warmth in it. He was alive. My eyes were moist but no tears had come out. It feels like I've cried a thousand tears in just one year.

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