How fun are you?

People strive for years to create the perfect balance in their lives between, work, family, school and friends. Some never achieve it but the ultimate fun person has! They know how to relax but can amp it up when they want to! So how close are you to this ideal?

Ever wondered if you're really the life of the party or just a wallflower in disguise? You COULD ask your friends, but would they really speak the truth or just tell you what you want to hear? Well you no longer have to wonder! Just take this simple quiz to find out!

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You get invited to a party by someone you don't know that well. Would you:
Stay home - you probably wouldn't have fun if you don't know anyone at the party
Only go if you could invite a friend
Definately be there! A party's a party reguardless of who's throwing it!
You already had plans for a big night out - you need more notice for things like that!
When you're at a party, what's your social interaction style?
You find a comfy spot to sit down and wait for people to apporach you
You talk to the people you know
You socialise with people you know but go out of your way to make sure you meet new people too
You're a party animal! You chat to anyone any everyone and don't care what people think!
How do you act when you when you've been drinking?
What? Me? Drinking? Never!
I can have fun without alcohol, but if I do drink it's only a few of glasses and doesn't really affect me
I lose some of my inhibitions and feel more confident talking to new people
I'm the life of the party! I dance, I flirt, I make bad jokes!
I drink so much I throw up and don't remember most/all of it the next day!
You and your friends decide to spend the day at the beach. What are you most likely to do?
Find a comfy spot under a large umbrella and baste yourself in sunscreen
Have a sand sculpture-building competition or bury someone in the sand! (it's fun watching them try to get out!)
You play beach games like cricket, volleyball or frisbees
Water fight!! You run around screaming with laughter pretending you hate being squirted even though you started it!
Last one in's a rotten egg! You swim, surf or enjoy some other form of water sport
Where are you most often found on a Friday/Saturday night?
At home on the computer or watching T.V.
On a date of course! You either have a different date each weekend or are in a steady relationship
At a party with friends! You love to hang out with them every chance you get
In bed asleep - you're not much of a night owl
Bar hopping or clubbing in town
What's your favourite thing to do on the weekends/your days off?
Catch up on sleep or a good book/vid/dvd - you work hard and it's your time to relax!
Going shopping or to the movies - you're a mall junkie
Outdoor activities like walking, cycling, swimming, or you're in a sports team - exercise makes you feel great!
Road Trip!! You love to travel and it doesn't matter where!
Day off? What day off? You've got so many commitments, you seem to be working non-stop even when you're not being paid for it!
You get invited to a carnival. What would you do when you arrived?
Go on all the rides even if it means queing up for half an hour at each - you can't go to a carnival without trying evrything!
Stand around by the candyfloss machine/ring toss game hoping someone will buy/win you something
You go straight to the pie toss and cream someone! Then it's straight off to buy some silly string counter - you're a bit of a practical joker
Woo Hoo! Carnival!! You go a little overboard and get kicked out after pushing a clown off his tiny unicycle...but it was totally worth it!
Where do you prefer to hang out at a concert?
You stand near the back with a small group of friends - it's safer than being at the front of the crowd!
You need a seat even if it's miles from the stage - you're not paying to stand up for 3 hours!
You start from the back and push your way through the crowd to get as close as you can to the stage!
At the front of the mosh pit! That's the only place to be!
Close enough to be spat on! You stand right next to speakers so you can feel the bass (who cares if I lose my hearing..right? can't be that bad if I can still hear the ringing..)
If you're playing a party game a draw a short straw, what do you do?
Back out totally - hey, you don't want to humiliate yourself!
Reluctantly follow the did agree to play the game after all...
Hey, it's just a game - you go along with whatever happens. It's no biggy
You beg and plead with your friends not to make you follow through even though - surely they could make just one exception?..right?
If you won $1 million in the lottery, how would you spend it?
Massive party for all your friends on a tropical island with all the drinks, food, music and entertainment you can handle!
You'd save it and live off the interest - hey, you'd never have to work again!
The world's biggest icecream cone/rediculous item of your choice! - novelties are a crack up!
You'd pay off all your debts/bills, buy a few essential items for yourself then split the rest up between family and friends in order of who needs it most

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