people may think you are smart and you hve achieved a lot during your quiz time and i hope you keep up the good work. you may need a little more prctise. but as thy alway say practise makes perfect which i dont believe in that **** you will achieve more as you go along with the flow and keep out of mischief. you may be rubbish so take th quiz again and you may gain more

you are such a great person trying to achieve the most of what you can and i love you if you already do that only as a friend though. you will have great dreams tonight and you will be able to gain or achieve anything when you put your mind in to what you are doing. so dont really pay any attention to this quiz because in the end it is just a quiz dont stay down try again

Created by: courtney quinn

  1. do you like rock and jazz and all!!
  2. who is your favourite popstar??
  3. whats your favourite rihanna song....
  4. do you fancy any of these people below...
  5. fill in the blank:we will we will
  6. what is miley cyrus' real name:
  7. how many people are there in the girls aloud group??
  8. are you a rock fan
  9. who is in their early forty's< is it...
  10. did you enjoy my quiz< was it

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