What is your missing part?

Nobody is perfect. There are people who think they are, but there is no such thing, But if there is one step away, from being th perfections, anyone coul'd achieve, what would the imperfection be?

Are you close to being personality perfect? Are you close? Are you far? Is the only imperfection is beauty, or being nice? or maybe trusting people, or relationship problem? Only now by taking this quiz, you'll find out the step from being perfection personality?

Created by: Redz

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  1. A new boy comes in school, and he is hot! do you tell the popular?
  2. What would you wear at non-school uniform days?
  3. What is your stereotype?
  4. A boy/girl asks you out, the person you did not expect, just asked you out... What is your answer?
  5. Do you think you're pretty?
  6. What show, do you sometimes watch, if you're bored?
  7. Do you wear makeup?
  8. There is an assembly, where you have to stand up the stage, to do your presentation, Do you stand up?
  9. What is your attitude on learning.
  10. Do you get jealous?
  11. What is your favourite colours?

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Quiz topic: What is my missing part?