Betrayed part 14

Ok sorry I took so long I was just kicked off the computer so I couldn't make more. Please forgive me and relize that I am trying really hard too contune the quiz. If you want a recap then go look at the sencond paraghraph

You found out you have powers, you meet Carter and James. Then Ciara is evil Meghan is un-willingly evil. Your hiking along trying to find a way to save the earthh from Ciara's wrath, and James is missing you. Meghan's gone missing. And Carter has given you his heart.

Created by: Mihilo
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  1. Nodding too Phil, you say "Hello" it's an aqward silence between all of you. You Brittany and Victoria all set up a camp by the others. "You ladies hungry?" Phil comes out asking. All of you shake your head no.
  2. You all go to bed and sleep restlessly. Around mid-night you set up a air dome just to make you feel a bit more comftorbl. You hear a ruslting in the bushes. Flinching the air bubble pops and Phil comes out tackling you.
  3. "Shush your mouth you worthless wit-" A scream errupts from him and his hand is on fire. Knocking him off you, you relpy "Ya wana go, because I'll kick your butt in a minute flat" Phil lunges at you and you quickly doge it. It take hours of you just sidestepping him. You are finally bored and decide to wrap him in a water bubble.
  4. By sunrise your still tired, everyone waking up is shocked too see you. Carter come up and says "You lying backstabing arse-hole! Why do you want to kill her!" You start shushing Carter trying to calm him down. Later that day you and Carter go for a a walk. "I have a gift for you." Without a protest from you he hands you his heart. "Keep it safe."
  5. Another day goes by without incedent. Then James comes, alone... "JAMES!" You run over too him and he catches you in his arms. "Hey. I've missed ya," He whispers in your ear and on cue Carter is gone. You kiss him lightly and you all contuie on your way.
  6. "What happend too Meghan?" You suddenly ask.
  7. "Well...Ciara took control over her and made her rn away from me. It hurt me too see her controled. B-b-b-ut" as if on cue James almost cries
  8. You comfort James and he doesn't cry but is close too it. At mid-night that night all of you are ambushed by Ciara none-less. "Hand the girl over!" Ciara hisses through her teeth, smiling a smile that held pure evil.
  9. It's a close battle many are injured and 1 dead. James pulls you too the side and says "Please be careful for me!" Unable to say anything else because James starts kissing you passonetly.
  10. CLIFF HANGER. Also I make these short so I can focouse on a certian area.
  11. Who do you love?
  12. Who did you get last quiz?
  13. Will you come back?
  14. I hope you relize the end is near.
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