How Acushnet are you?

Living in Acushnet is the "Holy Grail" of town's. Sought after among home owners of near and far. Some of the greatest minds ever have been part of the pinnacle which is Acushnet.

You too may be part of this diverse and intriguing group. But, are you really "Acushnet". They say the body is 60% water, but you can find out what percentage of Acushnet runs through your veins.

Created by: Harlyn
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  1. Who is Mr. Hall
  2. Have you ever been to Pop Casey's
  3. What is Pop Casey's
  4. How many changing traffic light's are there in town?
  5. What is the Acushnet mascot?
  6. What street is the Library on?
  7. Have you ever been apple picking?
  8. What did the community center on Middle Road used to be?
  9. What was the Post Office before it was a post office?
  10. What's the name of the pond behind Pope Park?

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Quiz topic: How Acushnet am I?