What Warhmmer 40k Race Are You?

This is your chance to be part of the 41st millenium.Based on knowledge i have gained from the many books and online adventures i have been part of.Who will you be? Take the quiz and see whom you are most like.

Are you more of a headlong attacker or hit and run? Which weapon do you prefer? Find out in this wonderful and extremly interesting quiz!or go to my myspace and talk to me...i need frineds....

Created by: Jacob
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. DO you like to see suffering?
  2. Are you a swift squirell(spelled wrong) or a Large,but strong, Bear
  3. Are you an "evil" or a "good" person?
  4. Out of theses, which is your favorite color?
  5. Your favortite mode of attack is...?
  6. Your Melee Weapon of choice would be?
  7. Would you rather...
  8. Some one is pissing you the F*** off and you decide to get back at them, how do you do it?
  9. This has absolutley no effect on the quiz i just need somthing to take up space
  10. What kind of city would you want to live in?

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Quiz topic: What Warhmmer 40k Race am I?